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John Mulaney Returns to Host SNL
Back in December 2020, we checked in on actor/comedian/writer John Mulaney's (Late Night With Seth Meyers) interview with Jimmy Kimmel during Kimmel's late-night talk show where he revealed that the Secret Service took a bit of an interest in a Donald Trump joke he told during an opening monologue on NBC's Saturday Night Live earlier[...]
John Mulaney Returns to Host SNL
With only days to go until Jason Bateman and musical guest Morgan Wallen take to Studio 8H to mark the return of NBC's Saturday Night Live for the first of three new episodes, we're actually going to take a moment to look back on one of the season's earlier hosts- one who ended up being questioned[...]
'You Would Never Believe Colin Firth In A Fight Scene'
And things. So, from 2012, from the Daily Record, Mark Millar on The Secret Service: "I am halfway through the comic and Matthew and I are halfway through the script There is a good role for a 50-something actor to play an older gentleman spy training this young kid There are not a lot of tough actors in that[...]
A Walk Around The Kingsman Pop Up Shop On Savile Row, London (Video & Pics)
Quite a wonderful promotion this, Parker Bros have supplied the makers of the Kingsman movie with their bespoke clothing needs for the movie, epitomising a certain British style, and as a result have also launched a Kingsman line, replicating the very items used in the film. And ahead of tomorrow's London premiere of this film based on[...]
Mark Millar And Skottie Young's New Comic Together – Huck
As Rocket Raccoon writer/artist Skottie Young announces and talks about his new comic from Image, I Hate Fairyland, and Mark Millar sees the premiere of Kingsman: Secret Service in London on Wednesday, it would be a very good time to announce that they are working together on a new comic book. Go on then. It's called Huck[...]
Marvel Comics Rush-Publishes Secret Service Collection Ahead Of Movie
A new collected editon of The Secret Service, or rather Kingsman: The Secret Service, is being rush-published by Marvel Comics for the end of September when they suddenly realised that that was when the film was out and someone suddenly decided that maybe it would be better not to wait until November for the book[...]
First Trailer For Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service
A title change and a handful of images later, here's the first trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service. Taron Egerton plays delinquent nephew to Colin Firth, one of the top agents at Kingsman, who sees potential in his young protege despite his rough exterior At the "most dangerous job interview in the world," Egerton[...]