Spitting Image US Election Special Goes All-Out, Free This Weekend

Spitting Image, the mean, scattershot, non-discriminating puppet show has released their 2-part US Election Special free this weekend on YouTube (which you can check out below). Otherwise, it's only available on streaming service Britbox. Those grotesque puppets are at it again, and Spitting Image is recreating their antics! It has what you would expect, a couple of sketches of Trump and the very grey Pence explaining how to steal the vote. Jared is still a literal stiff whose head falls off. And he's the new postmaster general! "Man of the People" Joe Biden decides to forgo his election campaign to work as a short-order cook at a Midwestern diner, That's just the kind of low, juvenile jabs you can expect from this show.

Spitting Image US Election Special Goes All-Out with 2 Half-Hours
Spitting Image, Britbox

Spitting Image has reportedly driven record new subscriptions to Britbox, though its official YouTube and social media channels have attracted over 28 million views. That's almost certainly more than Britbox has subscribers. And yes, the skits are all cheap shots. Perhaps there is some catharsis in the cheap shots at the sacred monsters.

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk run off to Mars together. Boris Johnson holds a séance on Halloween to summon the ghost of Winston Churchill, only to be possessed by the ghost of Margaret Thatcher, who turns on the vampiric Home Secretary Priti Patel. Trump presses Mitch McConnell to find more judges to appoint. Odd that all the puppets are exaggerated grotesques but the McConnell puppet is accurate and gobbles like a turkey. And Michael Gove looks like a scrotum. What's that? You think this show is worthless? No show is worthless if it lets us write that Michael Gove looks like a scrotum!

If there haven't been many howls of rage and offense at this new Spitting Image, especially from people with no sense of humor who didn't grow up with it, it's probably because they still haven't seen it. The official YouTube releases may remedy that.

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