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The Elon Musk Tesla Transformer From Spitting Image The Musical
There are a couple of weeks left of the Idiots Assemble: Spitting Image The Musical at the Phoenix Theatre in London's West End I went to see it back in June and thoroughly enjoyed it In its final fortnight, there are tickets going for £25 quid up, and maybe just a couple of minor spoilers[...]
Jeremy Hunt at Spitting Image Gala Last Night in London's West End
Last night saw the gala performance of the Spitting Image Musical: Idiots Assemble at the Phoenix Theatre in London A star-studded affair, the notable attendees this time were political as well as performance-based – although is there much of a difference these days? Spitting Image has been running in one form or another for forty[...]
All Spitting Image S01E01 Puppets From The Queen to Joe Biden to Greta
But that's Spitting Image Live for you Featuring The Liar King, the recently revived puppet-based satirical TV series will be taking to London's West End next year, apparently. Spitting Image screencaps Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law, behind the current TV show, stated "The last month has shown Spitting Image has been far too kind to Boris and[...]
Spitting Image Returns To ITV For Halloween
It is a truth universally acknowledged that hardly anyone watches Spitting Image when it's on the subscription service BritBox and everyone watches it when they put it on the free-to-air network broadcast ITV And that's what they are doing for Halloween, just after it airs on BritBox. Spitting Image Returns To ITV For Halloween Series two has[...]
Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Olivia Colman Get Spitting Image Puppets
Spitting Image returns on September 11th to BritBox in the UK, with new puppets for Olivia Colman, Sajid Javid, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Tom Cruise, Tom Daley, Jess Phillips, Ariana Grande, Gary Lineker, Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, and Raheem Sterling This adds to the existing cast of hundreds including Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Prince Andrew,[...]
Spitting Image Hilariously Charts Dominic Cummings’ Rise and Fall
Spitting Image jumped on Dominic Cummings' sacking from Prime Minister Boris Johnson's cabinet on Friday The show managed to throw in a sketch covering his downfall in this week's episode, which is impressively quick Cummings' fall from grace can be traced back to the coronavirus He got infected back in May and instead of quarantining[...]
Spitting Image, Britbox
Spitting Image, the mean, scattershot, non-discriminating puppet show has released their 2-part US Election Special free this weekend on YouTube (which you can check out below) Otherwise, it's only available on streaming service Britbox Those grotesque puppets are at it again, and Spitting Image is recreating their antics! It has what you would expect, a[...]
All Spitting Image S01E01 Puppets From The Queen to Joe Biden to Greta
Including Green Lantern, Razer and Spitting Image and so much more  The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Green Lantern, Razer and Spitting Image – the ten most-read stories yesterday… Green Lantern, Razer, Spitting[...]
Spitting Image: Watch New Episodes for Free on YouTube!
Spitting Image is back! The mercilessly vicious puppet show from 1980s British television has been revived for the 21st Century, specifically the Trump era, the Brexit era, the Big Tech era, and the Social Media era And it's on YouTube! Yes, that's right… YouTube! "Spitting Image" key art, Britbox Available only on the Britbox streaming service, the[...]
Spitting Image To Air On ITV For One Night Only - US Election Night
It was announced today that the revived satirical puppet show Spitting Image will have two specials to cover all the key moments and circus around the 2020 US Election. Streaming exclusively on BritBox first thing on Saturday the 31st October, non-subscribers will have a one-off chance to watch the first, bonus episode of the special on ITV on[...]
All Spitting Image S01E01 Puppets From The Queen to  to Greta
Lots of folk who signed up for the free seven day trial of Britbox for the first episode os Spitting Image have had a look around the streaming TV service and, if they live in the UK, discovered most of the stuff they can already get on the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Netflix and[...]
All Spitting Image S01E01 Puppets From The Queen to Joe Biden to Greta
The new Spitting Image series has just landed on the Britbox streaming service (free 7 day trial, so if you sign up now you should be able to get two episodes before it starts costing you) As ever, it's a mixed bag when it comes to writing bit – as ever – the torrent of[...]
Spitting Image Gallery of Trump, Johnson, Kayne West, Putin And More
Spitting Image is returning to screen next month, courtesy of streaming site Britbox The popular satirical puppet show of the eighties and nineties was a scabrous, silly, saucy and downright salacious piece of polemic, in the spirit of Hogarth, Gilray, Scarfe and Bell And as modern day politics outstrip the extremes of the eighties, it[...]
Spitting Image Returns, Weekly, From October 3rd
The classic satirical puppet show Spitting Image will return to British screen from Saturday, the 3rd of October, running weekly for ten weeks, on new streaming service Britbox. It was announced earlier this year that celebrated Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law returned to head up the show's creative team, while Jeff Westbrook (The Simpsons, Futurama) is the[...]
Spitting Image Chooses Bad Day To Reveal New Prince Andrew Puppet
The successful satirical sketch show Spitting Image, is returning to TV screens this year, with new shows courtesy of streaming service Britbox and original co-creator Roger Law Today they chose to unveil a number of new puppets including Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Prince Andrew They look like these – and a fine job for[...]
Spitting Image
I am a child of Spitting Image The rubbery puppet satire show that ran on Sunday nights on ITV for over a decade in the UK taught a generation who their politicians are, at the same time as destroying them onscreen Turning the work of cartoonists and comics writers into three-dimensional reality without any CG[...]