Supernatural Celebrates Its Upcoming 14th Season at SDCC

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Cast members Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel), Alexander Calvert (Jack), executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb, as well as moderators Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) and Rob Benedict (God) took the stage in Hall H to discuss season 14 of Supernatural, the upcoming 300th episode, and what it has been like working on the longest-running primetime science-fiction show in history.

The cast and crew kicked off the panel with the first scene from the 14th season which features Dean Winchester being taken over by Michael. Michael (Dean) tortures a devout man by questioning his faith and devotion to Allah (God). The scene is chilling to say the least and revealed the dark turn the show may be taking in its 14th season.

The cast teased that season 14 will see the return of members of the Wayward family including Rowena and, potentially, Ruby. The 14th season will also feature the show's 300th episode, which Jared Padalecki revealed he wants to be named "300" and feature the Winchester brothers wearing togas.

Supernatural Celebrates Its Upcoming 14th Season at SDCC

As for the life lessons they've learned after 14 years on television, Padalecki said, "My life has gotten a lot better by treating it like it's going to be longer rather than shorter."

Jensen Ackles discussed how the cast was lucky to be able to bring these characters and stories to life slowly: "We have forged real emotional bonds on this show."

So what will happen when the show eventually ends? Well, firstly, there is currently no end point in sight.

Supernatural Celebrates Its Upcoming 14th Season at SDCC

Jensen Ackles will be driving the Impala straight off the set: "They'll have to chase after me." I'm sure after 14 plus years the studio will give him the iconic car as a parting gift.

During the panel Misha Collins also handed out voter registration cards to attendees and encouraged non-Californians to make sure they are registered. (You can register to vote at

The panel ended with a traditional gag reel from the show's 13th season.

Season 14 of Supernatural will premiere October 11th on The CW.

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