The Flash Star Grant Gustin Gets Reflective Before Season 7 Premiere

With Tuesday night's "All's Wells That Ends Wells," The CW's The Flash is back with a seventh season that's seen its fair share of COVID-related bumps along the way. With that, viewers should expect the opening episodes to take care of leftover Season 6 business since a large chunk of what they'll be seeing was finished in early 2020. But we have a feeling they won't mind, and that just having "Team Flash" back in any way, shape, or form is more than good enough. Now with only hours to go before its return, series star Grant Gustin has posted some reflective thoughts as a way of welcoming fans back to the series. With an update that the series is currently in production on S07E11 and with a line that we're sure will be a kick to fans' hearts ("I know we're closer to the end of this journey than we are to the beginning and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible"), here's a look at what Gustin had to share.

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"Season 7 of The Flash finally premieres tonight after being off the air for the longest stretch of time since we debuted over 7 years ago. I'm super proud of the entire cast & crew for getting through the season up to this point. We're currently in the middle of episode 711, and as most things in 2020 and 2021, it's looked and felt a little different this year," Gustin wrote. "It's not always easy to be shooting a tv show in the current state of the world and under certain restrictions, but I feel really lucky to not only have a job, but to have something familiar to channel my energy into. I know we're closer to the end of this journey than we are to the beginning and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible. We'll be picking up with what should've been the final three episodes of season 6, 2 of which had been almost entirely completed since last March. I hope everyone enjoys season 7!"


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Now here's a look at the newest teaser for the series' return, followed by an episode overview for the season-opener, and the official trailer for the seventh season- with The CW's The Flash returning Tuesday, March 2:

The Flash Season 7, Episode 1 "All's Wells That Ends Wells": SEASON PREMIERE – When an experiment to save Barry's (Grant Gustin) speed backfires, Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh) searches for a way to save The Flash and comes up with a dangerous plan. Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) makes a startling realization inside the Mirrorverse and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) faces off with Rosa Dillon (guest star Ashley Rickards). Alexandra La Roche directed the episode, written by Sam Chalsen and Lauren Certo.

Starting with the seventh season of The Flash, (nice talking about a season that might have a normal production schedule), Kayla Compton's (Making Moves, Mistresses) Allegra Garcia and Brandon McKnight's (The Shape of Water, Akilla's Escape) tech genius Chester P. Runk will be promoted to series regulars. An up-and-coming journalist, Allegra fell in with a bad crowd and was incarcerated at a young age. But since her release, she's refused to let her rocky start in life define her future. Now she helps Barry Allen as a new member of Team Flash, thanks to her metahuman ability to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum. That is when she's not helping Iris chase down headlines for CCC Media.

McKnight's Runk is a scientific wonder who works out of his grandmother's cluttered garage. Not only can he design and build almost any gadget, but he does so without the expensive backing and resources of S.T.A.R. Labs. Chester is a "DIY" kinda guy, forsaking high-tech labs for junkyard finds and other folks' discarded tech to create his own one-of-a-kind gadgets that bend the laws of physics – and beyond. Fun-loving and a great dancer, Chester is a down-to-earth guy who lights up any room he enters. Oh, and boy is he obsessed with aliens, science fiction movies, and other pop culture interests – and don't forget Jitters coffee.

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