The Great North Keeps Bob's Burgers Vibe But Stands on Its Own: Review

I'll admit it, I went into this pilot preview viewing with cautious awareness but left it with hope and excitement of what is to come. The Great North presented an early preview of the pilot episode on FOX ahead of the premiere next month. As a fan of previous works in Bob's Burgers by Minty Lewis, Wendy Molyneux, and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, I made sure to keep an open mind and I'm glad I did.

'The Great North' Pilot Preview Starts Off The New Year Right: Review
Judy's birthday gets awkward on the pilot preview of The Great North. Source: FOX

It's easy to dismiss any newcomers, especially when it comes to the flood of television pilots, but this series made a fantastic head start. When you have such a variety of voice talents like Nick Offerman and Jenny Slate, you're bound to have something good. The show gave a detailed background in a small amount of time and they did so with fantastic comedic timing.

Offerman's character, Beef Tobin, portrays a single father dealing with raising kids in Alaska while dealing with their eventual independent natures and goals. The Tobin family represents a unique struggle for its' characters while having each interact with it all in their own ways and personalities. The dialogue does an excellent job of showing the diversity found in many families. Meanwhile, the references and jokes are spot on and perfect for fans of shows like Bob's Burgers or Big Mouth. The moments of heart and emotion balance out the silly moments and the times where The Great North is finding its' footing. It's going to take time for the show to truly seek out the placement of characters within the world they've developed, but I'm very excited to see that take place. I arrived like a teen meeting their new step-parent, but I've left finding myself in love with the new addition to my family. Let us know in the comments below if you liked the pilot preview of The Great North!

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