The Great North Season 2 E09 Review: Guy Fieri Arrived Just In-Queso

FOX's The Great North introduced a visitor to Honeybee's dreams, as Guy Fieri lent his voice to the recent episode "From Tusk Til Dawn Adventure". As per usual, turn back now unless you're ok with spoilers… you have been warned!

The Great North Season 2 E09 Review:
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The ninth episode of season two of The Great North focused on an unwanted visit and a dream of Honeybee's to win a contest for the ownership of a mall's kiosk. Seeing Tusk again on the screen, I knew we were in trouble, especially when he ended up asking for second chances from Wolf and Beef. Requested to throw a bachelor party last minute on the Tobins' boat, Beef continued to be hesitant while Wolf felt ready to trust again. It was small, but seeing Wolf talk about what he was up to while simultaneously lifting up Honeybee's excitement about the kiosk competition was such a great inclusion of healthy relationship goals. The cake Ham baked for the bachelor party looked incredible and now I want an endless supply of snow cones.

This episode of The Great North proved some good points, from how easy it can be to be blinded by mistrust to how the impact of toxic positivity can be in the smallest things. While Beef admitted to himself and Wolf that he was going with his static view of Tusk, Honeybee saw through the toxic and cutthroat nature of another kiosk owner and competitor, Leslie. Her dream, including an appearance from Guy Fieri (who voiced his cameo), was not only inspiring but made a lot of relevant sense when thinking about how badly hustle culture is treating people these days. Honeybee realized how much other things mattered in comparison and how badly things could turn out if she succumbed to the type of behavior she witnessed in Leslie. While keeping a lot of the fun and light-hearted aspects I've come to love about The Great North, they also managed to place in there some important messages and reminders which felt incredibly soothing in a chaotic world.

The Great North Season 2 Episode 9 "From Tusk Til Dawn Adventure"

The Great North Season 2 E09 Review:
Review by Brittney Bender

FOX's The Great North brought back Tusk for this episode, along with a surprise cameo and underlying message that made it a fantastic addition to a strong second season.


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