Trish Stratus Set for WWE Return… at a House Show?!

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, and I don't want you to think of me as merely an authoritarian dictator who enjoys writing about wrestling news and hot goss. Instead, you should think of me more like socialist Santa Claus. That's how all of the people in my country think of me around this special time of year, mostly because I have mandated it via presidential decree and anyone who doesn't do it is executed by firing squad. Haw haw haw haw! But I'm not here just to spread state-mandated holiday cheer, amigos. I am here to tell you about the return of a beloved WWE Hall-of-Famer at an upcoming house show in Toronto: Trish Stratus!

Trish Stratus appears on WWE podcast The Bump to talk about a potential match with Sasha Banks
Trish Stratus appears on WWE podcast The Bump to talk about a potential match with Sasha Banks

A press release on tells us:

Trish Stratus is ready to serve some holiday Stratusfaction to the WWE Universe in Toronto.

The Hall of Famer returns for one night only to host WWE's live event on Wednesday, December 29th at the Coca-Cola Coliseum.

"Excited to step through that curtain and feel the energy of the WWE Universe one more time. Let's do this Toronto!"

Tickets and Superstar Experiences are on sale now!

Now that's a holiday treat, comrades! And though Trish's return won't be televised, maybe it will get her in the mood to do more in the future… like finally challenge and face Sasha Banks in the match the two teased the last time Trish entered the Royal Rumble!

There are plenty of tickets left for the show, which you can purchase on Ticketmaster. Attending the show will require proof of vaccination, according to the arena's policy. Until next time, comrades: socialism or death!

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