Truth Seekers: Nick Frost Series Opener Promising Mix of Horror, Humor

Not all horror comedies are created equal, with most failing to intrigue a variety of viewers, but Truth Seekers may be able to find a sweet spot in the mix. The first episode, out of the 8 total for the premiere season of the new Amazon Original series, dives into a flow of action, comedic timing, and evidence of it still finding itself. The actors involved in the series have done an excellent job of developing chemistry on the set and it shows in each scene. We see Astrid, played by Emma D'Arcy, experiencing a terrifying moment and we're not joined by her again until the end of the episode. What plays out well is the tension starting off the episode and how it dips into a calm day-to-day storyline filled with personal tensions in it instead of the supernatural…at first at least.

'Truth Seekers' First Episode Mixes Absurdity With Horror [Review]
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We mainly see a focus on Gus, played by Nick Frost, and Elton, played by Samson Kayo, in the middle portion of the first episode. Introduced to one another, with Elton being Gus' new partner for their job at Smyle (a broadband company in the series), we see interactions of awkward conversations as the men attempt to open up to one another as they work. In this episode of Truth Seekers, they work on an especially weird project, at the Connelly Nook that is home to the lonely Mrs. Connelly.

'Truth Seekers' First Episode Mixes Absurdity With Horror [Review]
(Left to Right) Elton & Gus attempt to figure out Mrs. Connelly's TV problems. Source: Amazon
There was an excellent mixture of shocking twists, even if small, and a hearty amount of witty dialogue that lightened those tenser moments of the horror-comedy. Additional small moments that introduced characters like Gus' dad, Richard, played by Malcolm McDowell, and Elton's cosplaying sister Helen, played by Susan Wokoma. Even from the small amount of time seeing them, I remain excited for their assured presence in the rest of the first season.

While the episode started off with some fantastic costume work and production design, there's room for work on the dialogue between characters. It may have been this way due to just having introduced us to the world of the show, but there's a very small percentage off in the way characters relate to one another initially. By the end of the episode though, the writing figures itself out finally with a push for the viewer to click on to the next episode. And while not every creation of horror in media is perfect all the way through, this series shows it wants to be there for the long run. I'll be watching the rest of the series and reporting back in a week, join me then for some final thoughts on the first season. For now, comment below and let us know how you like the series so far!

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