Vince McMahon Hellbent on Filming at Homes of Fired Employees

It's official: WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon has some kind of weird obsession with filming video at the homes of former employees that he previously laid off. Exactly what kind of alpha-male dominance ritual this behavior is meant to fulfill, but when it happens once, it's an anomolie. Twice, it's a pattern.

Vince McMahon: "Yeerrrrrrrrr fiiiirrrrrreeeeddd! Now do you mind if we shoot something in your backyard?"
Vince McMahon: "Yeerrrrrrrrr fiiiirrrrrreeeeddd! Now do you mind if we shoot something in your backyard?"

WE first heard of Vince McMahon's strange fetish on an episode of Matt Cardona and Brian Myers' Major Wrestling Figure podcast, where Cardona, known in WWE as Zack Ryder, described Vince wanting to film a vignette featuring Otis and Mandy Rose at his pool after Cardona was laid off in the corporate bloodbath at the start of the pandemic.

Now, in an interview with Wrestling Inc., former longtime WWE employee Gerald Brisco revealed that Vince McMahon also wanted to use his property to film a segment with Bray Wyatt.

"I've got some [property] here in Keystone, FL, and Bruce knew about it," Brisco said. "Bruce called me. 'Hey, would you allow us to come in and do some filming? We want to do some filming with Bray Wyatt,' and I said, 'I got the perfect spot for it.' So they did, and I was really shocked because Vince never shows up to these remote tapings or anything. And we got a phone call in the middle of the afternoon that Vince was coming by for me. He was going to drive over from Orlando. [He's going to] have a car bring him over from Orlando, come over and say hello to me."

Despite Vince McMahon's bizarre and terrifying compulsion to film television at the homes of his former employees, Brisco was just happy to see his old friend.

"It didn't shock me that Bruce was coming over because Bruce is my brother, but it did shock me that Vince would take the time out of his schedule after flying all the way down from Connecticut, going through all the protocols and everything that you got to go through, get in the car and drive another hour and a half, come over and visit me for an hour and a half," Brisco said. "So we got to talk a little bit. To get a relationship with Vince, takes effort on your part because Vince, contrary to what you see on TV, is not one of those guys that's really in your face all the time."

Has Vince McMahon tried to film television at your home after firing you from WWE? If so, we want to hear from you. Drop us a line at the contact links below.


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