Viz Media Announces Hunter X Hunter The Movie: Phantom Rouge

Viz Media Announces Hunter X Hunter The Movie: Phantom Rouge

Viz Media announced in their San Deigo Comic Con panel this afternoon that they'll be bringing even more Hunter X Hunter action in a new movie, called Hunter X Hunter: Phantom Rouge.

I say new movie, but it's actually been around since 2013, after its original release in Japan. This is just a port to bring the film over to western audiences. It received mostly positive reviews from both fans and critics since its debut.

The western version of the movie being brought over by the good folks at Viz Media will hit us in the spring of 2018, so Hunter X Hunter fans have just about 8 months to wait before being able to get their anime fix with the new film.

The movie's plot synopsis on Anime News Network reads:

One day, Kurapika spots a child who looks very similar to his childhood friend, Pyro. However, when he catches up to him, the boy steals Kurapika's eyes with some kind of magical power. Gon, Leorio, and Killua promise to help find who took his eyes and get them back, but Killua is having his own problems when he is forced to face his past and whether he really is worthy to have Gon as a friend.

Viz is also bringing us even more Hunter X Hunter with the Greed Island Arc which is getting an English dub. The cast will feature Tara Sands (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!), Todd Haberkorn (Fairy TailKingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV), Beau Billingslea (General HospitalStar Trek: Into Darkness), and Dorothy Fahn (Magic Knight Rayearth, Ghost in the Shell).

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