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Mao: Rumiko Takahashi Plays it Straight and Spooky This Time
1" cover art courtesy of Viz Media. High schooler Nanoka, she of the tragic backstory where she miraculously survived a car accident that killed her parents, stumbles on a portal that takes her back in time to 1920s Japan where she encounters dangerous Yokai and a wandering exorcist-warrior named Mao and his little Yokai sidekick They[...]
Steve Aoki’s DIM MAK and Viz Media Launch More Bleach Apparel
Steve Aoki's fashion and record label, DIM MAK, has teamed up with VIZ Media to release the official "DIM MAK x BLEACH" collaboration – a limited edition line-up of anime-inspired tees and hoodies featuring original art from the iconic series Bleach, released on Friday, September 10th Based on the epic Japanese manga series by Tite[...]
Marvel Meow: Marvel and Viz Media's Cat Manga Debuts in October
What's better than a cat manga? Why, a cat manga set in the Marvel universe, of course! Ever since Disney bought up Marvel, it has been devouring media and genres like Galactus on its way to conquering all of Pop Culture until the world thinks Marvel is all Pop Culture. "Marvel Meow" cover courtesy of Viz[...]
Star Wars: The High Republic: Edge of Balance Manga Out This Week
1" cover art courtesy of Viz Media Star Wars: The High Republic: Edge of Balance Vol 1 Story by Shima Shinya & Justina Ireland Art by Mizuki Sakakibara "The galaxy of manga has been seen before in Star Wars adaptations, but in Star Wars: High Republic: Edge of Balance, fans can experience a brand new original saga following Jedi[...]
Mao: Viz Media Premieres New Rumiko Takahashi Manga Series!
1" by Rumiko Takahashi, cover courtesy of Viz Media. It's the Taisho Era, and Japan's roaring 20s are here! Modern-day schoolgirl Nanoka stumbles into a world of Japan's beginning modernism with Western clothing styles and European cafes Something dreadful about this world lies as beautiful women transform into spider demons, shikigami disguised as little boys, and[...]
Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Viz Media to Launch Manga Tie-In
Now, Viz Media is launching its first official graphic novel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons—Deserted Island Diary Tom Nook and other fan favorites are introduced through the medium of manga, bringing the same charm and quirks you know and love from the video game that gave you a reason to live in 2020! "Animal Crossing: New[...]
Naruto Forms Champion’s First Anime-Based Apparel Collection
The saga of a young ninja who seeks recognition from his peers and dreams of becoming the Hokage today inspires millions of people across generations on a daily basis. Champion's apparel line, Image Provided by Viz Media Now Champion Athleticwear has partnered with Naruto to bring a unique capsule to market celebrating the story's most well-known characters[...]
Cruella the Manga: Black White and Red: Viz Publishes Prequel to Movie
The movie could become a camp classic, or at the very least, a cult. "Cruella the Manga" cover courtesy of Viz Media. We all love to love a villain Villains get to be sassy, they get to be dismissive, and they get to push past the boundaries of polite society that we dare not ourselves[...]
Mashle: Magic and Muscles Vol. 1: What if Superman Went to Hogwarts?
1" cover, Viz Media Set in a magical kingdom where everyone goes to the magical school, young Mashle was raised in secrecy because he is one of the few children born without any magical powers He has a unique power, though: superstrength, the likes of which no one in the kingdom has ever seen before When[...]
Viz Media Releases Full List of October 2021 Manga Titles
Viz Media has released their massive list of October 2021 titles, including Shonen manga, Shoujo manga, Seinan manga and artbooks Once again, there's something here for everyone. Shonen Jump Courtesy of Viz Media Burn the Witch, Vol 1   Story and Art by Tite Kubo Behind the world you think you know lies a land of magic and  fairy tales—but[...]
Viz Media Releases September 2021 Manga Titles
Viz Media has released their full list of manga titles coming out in September Once again, it's a full range of Shonen, Shoujo and mature, or Seinan titles, so  there's something for everyone. Shonen Jump Courtesy of Viz Media Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol 2 Story and Art By Hajime Komoto       In the midst of a battle with[...]
Dim Mak x Inuyasha: Steve Aoki and Viz Launch Apparel Line
Steve Aoki's fashion brand, Dim Mak Collection, has joined forces with VIZ Media to release the officially licensed "Dim Mak x Inuyasha" collaboration – a collection of anime-inspired apparel celebrating the artistry and epic storytelling of one of Japan's best-known and award-winning manga artists, Rumiko Takahashi. Dim Mak x Inuyasha collection Credit: VIZ Media, Dim Mak Dim Mak x[...]
Anime Expo Lite 2021: Registration Open, Benefits Hate is A Virus
This year's programming will feature streamed content from additional industry partners such as Bushiroad, Bandai Namco Arts, Crunchyroll, Right Stuf Anime, VIZ Media and more soon to be announced! Additional content, programming details and participating brands will be announced in the coming weeks. "2021 is an important year of transition, of possibilities, of community, and of[...]
Viz Media Releases July 2021 Solicitations
Viz Media has released their complete list of titles coming out in July 2021, this time they're including their Blu-Ray and DVD titles. Viz Originals "Devil's Candy" cover, Viz Media Devil's Candy, Vol 1 By REM and Bikkuri At Hemlock Heart Academy, science wiz Kazu Decker shows off his skills by creating a humanoid girl named Pandora[...]
Kirby Manga Mania: Viz Media to Publish First English Edition of Manga
At last, Viz Media will be publishing the English translation of his manga series for the first time with Kirby Manga Mania on June 8th. Credit: Viz Media Today Kirby is one of the most iconic and recognized videogame characters ever made With a legacy spanning three decades, the video game franchise has sold tens of millions[...]