Why Bryan Danielson vs. Miro Can't Compare to Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev

In the wake of Jon Moxley's entry into rehab and exit from the AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament, Miro took Moxley's place in the semi-final match against Orange Cassidy on AEW Dynamite last night. It was a totally unfair move by Tony Khan, who should have just canceled the tournament out of respect for Moxley and also out of respect for WWE so as not to overshadow their recent King of the Ring tournament. But Tony Khan doesn't understand anything about sports entertainment so The Chadster isn't surprised he would be so disrespectful to WWE. The Chadster is more surprised by the outcome of the match, in which Miro defeated Cassidy to move on to the finals at AEW Full Gear, where he will face Bryan Danielson, with the winner going on to face the AEW Champion after Full Fear, whether that be Kenny Omega or Hangman Adam Page. Auughh man! So unfair!

Why Bryan Danielson vs. Miro Can't Compare to Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev

By choosing to book a match between Miro and Bryan Danielson, AEW shows the ultimate disrespect to WWE because they're just trying to copy WWE's legendary feud between Daniel Bryan and Rusev when the two wrestlers rightfully worked for WWE. People give a lot of undue credit to AEW for their long term booking, as exemplified in the feud between Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page has been building since the launch of the company. But WWE can do long term booking too, and Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev proves it.

The storied feud began at Tribute to the Troops in 2014, when noted military supporter Daniel Bryan teamed up with the United States Army to stand up to the bully Rusev.

In a stroke of creative genius, WWE would let this feud simmer for three years until Bryan, then acting as the General Manager of WWE Smackdown Live, showed that he could let go of the past by allowing Rusev and Lana to team up in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge.

But it wasn't long before Bryan miraculously recovered from career-ending injuries and returned to the ring, and it was then that he decided to renew his rivalry with Rusev in a tag team match with AJ Styles against Rusev Day on Smackdown Live in April 2018.

Rusev Day was a disrespectful tag team that proved the WWE fans don't know anything about the wrestling business because they cheered for the team even though WWE wasn't trying to put them over. But it did lead to another incredible match between Bryan and Rusev on Smackdown in May, and this match was for the highest of stakes: a shot at the WWE Money in the Bank Briefcase.

Now, The Chadster isn't saying that this was the best storyline that Rusev was ever involved in. The Chadster was a huge fan of the storyline where Rusev was a cuckold because his wife was sleeping with Bobby Lashley. That storyline really resonated with The Chadster for some reason. The Chadster doesn't know why. But the point is that AEW doesn't deserve any of the credit for the rivalry between Miro and Bryan Danielson. That was all WWE, and instead of thanking Vince McMahon for everything he did for the wrestling business by canceling Dynamite and never beating WWE in the ratings again, AEW instead decides to try to steal WWE's thunder with Miro vs. Danielson at Full Gear.

It's so disrespectful that The Chadster would go to the garage right now and down a six-pack of White Claw Seltzer if that wouldn't be disrespectful to Jon Moxley and his struggle. The Chadster knows how to show respect, unlike AEW, and that's why WWE will always win.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.
The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So graphic, made by me, The Chadster. Graphic design is my passion.

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