WrestleMania 37: Orton & Fiend Face Off As Alexa Bliss Bleeds Black?

Luckily for the 20,000 fans in Florida's Raymond James Stadium, the second night of WrestleMania 37 started on time and spared them the wrath of torrential downpour the previous evening experienced. Not so luckily, everyone is expected to deal with an eventual appearance from YouTube star and failed travel video-blogger Logan Paul.

Match Graphic for The Fiend vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 Night 2
Match Graphic for The Fiend vs. Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 Night 2

Opening the night was Randy Orton, who entered the arena for the first match of WrestleMania day two. Hoping to end his ongoing feud with the Fiend, Orton cautiously approached the ring and seemed to hesitate before stepping into the square circle. The Apex Predator kept his eyes peeled as he soaked up the ear-splitting laud from the crowd, watching for the beast he had tried to burn to death at TLC later last year. Of course, Alexa Bliss took up arms in the Fiend's stead, taunting and tormenting Orton in his stead. It wasn't until Fastlane did the Fiend make his long-awaited return, breaking a charred hand through the ring and catching Orton by surprise.

Instead of a traditional entrance, an ominous jack-in-the-box appeared after a brief blackout next to the ring, followed quickly by the sound of Alexa Bliss' music. The herald of the fiend played the jack-in-the-box, which played a childlike tune, and finally revealed Orton's opponent. Instead of waiting for the theater of the opening bell, Fiend leaped from the box and immediately clotheslined Orton, who clearly was not prepared for the attack.

Orton played injured, rolling from the ring and tempting the Fiend to follow suit. Orton's surprise attack did not seem to affect Fiend, however, and he immediately caught Orton in a mandible claw. Even a DDT from Orton barely kept the Fiend down, who again acted as if the attacks were doing nothing to his body. After a flurry of kicks and another DDT, Orton delivered some merciless stomps to the Fiend, who seemed to only play injured long enough to catch the Apex Predator in another clothesline.

It was clear that Orton needed to adjust his strategy; rather than capitalizing on the brief moments the Fiend was down, he went for the showmanship of preparing for his next RKO. Again, the Fiend stopped his momentum by catching him with a second Mandible Claw and prepared Orton for his match ending Sister Abigail. However, in an unexpected twist, the flames of the ring ignited and illuminated a disturbingly grotesque Alexa Bliss.

She sat ringside, with a crown of black thorns digging into her head as black blood oozed from her wounds and down onto her face. Perplexed or even mesmerized, the Fiend stared up at his herald and was decimated by a well-timed RKO from Orton and pinned for the three count.

Orton wisely retreated from the ring as the WrestleMania crowd cheered "Holy Shit," and the lights went out in another blackout. When they turned back on again, the Fiend and Bliss were nowhere to be seen.

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