WWE Fastlane: The Usos Take on The New Day for the Tag Team Championship!

After one of the greatest promos I've seen The New Day and The Usos do in a long time (and honestly, they both do some amazing promo work), the two teams went head to head in WWE Fastlane to determine who would wear the Tag Team titles after the match. This match would help secure The Usos road to WrestleMania — something they haven't done yet. If The New Day won, well… they would be five-time champions.

Personally, I think both teams are heading to WrestleMania no matter what, especially since SmackDown doesn't have a lot of options with tag teams. Jay Uso and Xavier Woods opened the match, and but the Usos took control of the match fairly quickly.

Both of these teams are very familiar with each other. They've battled time and time again, and they have studied each other well. It's hard to say who performed better, since both teams brought their A-game. This match had some glorious close calls, and both teams worked exceptionally well with each other. Things were looking up, but then The Bludgeon Brothers showed up.

The Bludgeon Brothers stomped in and started to beat the crap out of everyone, which ended the match with no clear winner. It wasn't a terrible ending, and I'm sure no one expected it. I have a feeling creative will use this to bring The Usos and The New Day together as one big team, which would actually be awesome.

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