WWE NXT 8/5/20 – Damian Priest Finally Gets his Shot, Plus: Keith Lee

As WWE NXT rolls on USA, we already have a new challenger set up for the NXT Women's Championship at NXT Takeover XXX. But there's still the North American Championship picture to be sorted out, amongst other things. The endless Wednesday Night Wars recap continues…

A scene from the triple threat match at WWE NXT 8/5/2020
A scene from the triple threat match at WWE NXT 8/5/2020

WWE NXT 8/5/2020 Report Part 2

McKenzie Mitchell asks Robert Stone why Mercedez Martinez interfered in Rhea Ripley's match. Stone says Ripley may be done with Robert Stone Brand, but Robert Stone Brand isn't done with Rhea Ripley. Recap video of last week's triple threat, which was won by Dexter Lumis. Damian Priest comes to the ring first, followed by Oney Lorcan and the debuting Ridge Holland.

Damian Priest vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Ridge Holland – NXT North American Championship Qualifying Match

My goal during this match is to figure out why Damian Priest, who does not wield a bow and arrow, is called the Archer of Infamy. He does wield kicks and punches though, and he uses them to take control of both Lorgan and Holland. He hits a flatliner on Holland and then goes to work on Lorgan. Lorcan ducks a clothesline, but Priest reverses to a waist lock. Holland clotheslines Priest out of the ring. Orcan shoves Holland out, then hits a dive on both men. He brings Holland back in and hits a running elbow in the corner, then tries a diving crossbody, but Holland catches him and suplexes him. Priest comes in and goes after Holland, but Holland traps his arms and hits a headbutt, then dumps Priest out of the ring. NXT takes a commercial break.

Holland and Priest are trading blows when NXT returns. Just a couple of hoss's slapping meat. Oney Lorcan flies in out of nowhere and takes them both down. Lorcan hits an elbow on Priest in the corner. Elbow on Holland in the other. Both men conveniently stumble to the middle of the ring and Lorcan hits a double neckbreaker. He puts a half crab on Priest, but Priest powers out. He hits some uppercuts on both opponents and pins Priest, who kicks out. Holland tosses Lorcan in the air and hits a belly-to-belly suplex which gets a two-count. Holland hits a powerbomb on Priest, but Lorcan breaks up the pin. Orcan chops Holland in his big meaty chest, but Holland shrugs it off and punches Lorcan in the face. Lorcan hulks up. He hits more chops, but Holland likes it. Lorcan hits a European uppercut that staggers Holland. He tries another, but Priest gets in the way. Lorcan grabs him by the hair and hammers his chest, but Holland clotheslines Lorcan. Then Priest hits a urinage on Holland and a Reckoning on Lorcan to get the win.

Winner: Damian Priest

I called this one last week. You can see where they're going with this ladder match, which to have all the guys they see as the next generation of NXT stars in there. Two more contenders must be decided in the coming weeks. Commercials.

We see a recap of some tweets about Adam Cole and Pat McAfee. I don't know who Pat McAfee is and I don't care. I've avoided whatever drama has been going on with this, but it looks like WWE is going to force me to pay attention. I'll google him before the main event.

Cameron Grimes comes out to get his ass kicked by Keith Lee. Lee comes out. Time for Grimes to get squashed.

Cameron Grimes vs. Keith Lee

Lee chases Grimes out of the ring with only a look. Grimes comes back in and looks for an opening, but can't find one. He heads outside again and starts trash talking Lee. Grimes tries to take down Lee by the leg, which is not fruitful. He tries some forearms, but Lee grabs him by the beard, chucks him into the ropes, and shoulder tackles him. Grimes rolls out to the apron, but Lee pulls him back in by the foot. Grimes kicks Lee in the face, gets up, and bounces off the ropes but Lee shoulder tackles him again. Lee whips him into the turnbuckles, then across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles. Grimes flies right up over the top rope and to the floor. Lee follows Grimes outside and eats a dropkick to the knee. He rams Lee's knee into the steel ring stairs and hits a moonsault off the top rope onto Lee on the floor as NXT goes to commercials.

After the break, Lee pummels Grimes with punches and squishes him in the corner. Lee hits a crossbody off the ropes and gets a two-count. Lee goes for the powerbomb but Grimes escapes. Grimes tries a kick but Lee catches him and puts him on his shoulders, but Grimes rolls him up for two. He tries another pinning combo, using the ropes, but Lee still kicks out. he hits a forearm and a jumping kick, but Lee catches a springboard crossbody. Grimes escapes again and hits a Collision Course on Lee for another two-count. Grimes waits for Lee to get up, which is probably not a good idea. He goes for the Cave-In, but Lee catches him. He hits a big double axehandle to Grimes's chest, which takes Grimes down. Grimes fires back with forearms, punches, and chops. That just makes Lee mad. Lee hits a double chop and four clotheslines. Lee hits a Spirit Bomb and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Keith Lee

The point of this match was to establish Lee as just as unstoppable a force as Karrion Kross ahead of their NXT Takeover XXX match (that hasn't been made yet, but we know it's coming). In that, it succeeds. Grimes is annoying, but it's fun to watch him get his ass kicked.

The lights go out after the match. Karrion Kross appears on the NXTtron. He hasn't seen Regal at NXT since he signed him, and he wants that title match. I think he snaps Danny Burch's neck and then tells Keith Lee it's his fault. Alright. Undisputed Era are horsing around backstage and NXT goes to commercials. We're gonna go to one more page for the final part of this recap.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars – AEW vs. NXT Reports for August 5th, 2020.

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