WWE Payback Results: Has the Rollins/Mysterio Feud Finally Ended?!

Wow, great result for Keith Lee, huh? I'm glad to see him getting a push like this. Not sure what it means for Orton, who has now lost two big matches in a row, one against a "rookie." Welcome to Bleeding Cool's continuing live coverage of WWE Payback, sponsored by Captain Morgan and Doctor Pepper, which is what I've been drinking all night long. Well, not sponsored because they're not paying me, except in drunkenness. Anyway, only a few more matches to go.

WWE Payback Report Part 7

Kayla Braxton talks to Paul Heyman again backstage in the Payback main event. She wants to know about this contract signing. Heyman guarantees Roman Reigns will be in and win the match tonight. We see a video package for the next match. Seth Rollins and his lackey, Murphy, come out. Then Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik Mysterio, do. Will this finally be the end of this feud that seems like it's been going on for half a year now? We'll soon see.


Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio

  • Dominik starts the match and kicks both Rollins and Murphy's asses as soon as the bell rings.
  • Rollins tags in and gets his ass kicked by Dominik again. He consults with Murphy outside the ring.
  • Murphy tags in now and doesn't fare much better. Rey tags in. He kicks Murphy's ass and taunts Rollins. "Get your punk ass in here!"
  • Seth tags in. Can you guess what happens? Yes, he gets his ass kicked. Call it… wait for it… Payback!
  • My wife hands me a plate full of Totino's pizza bites. How good are these things?
  • Rey finally screws up when he does his sliding splash to the outside and Murphy gets his knees up. Finally, we have a face in peril.
  • But that doesn't really work, does it? So Rey makes a brief comeback and tags in Dominik and it's Dominik that is the face in peril. Much better.
  • Dominik gets the hot tag to Rey. Rey is fired up and goes after Rollins for some… Payback! (Don't hate – I need to say it a certain number of times to get a good SEO score on this article.)
  • Rollins dodges the 619 but Rey reverses a pin attempt into a kick and his own pin attempt. Murphy breaks it up.
  • Dominic hits a big DDT on Dominik. Rollins hits slingblade on Dominik. Rey hits a backbreaker on Rollins.
  • Everyone brawls. Rey hits a dive on Murphy outside, but Rollins intercepts a diving crossbody with his knees.
  • Rey is in trouble now. Could we see the first disappointing result of Payback tonight. Nope. Dominik breaks up a pin.
  • Murphy and Rollins beat up Dominik outside. Then Rey.
  • "Where's your son now, Ray?! Where's your family now, Ray?! Where's Angie, huh?!"
  • Rollins tags in Murphy and goes for a buckle bomb into a kick from Murphy, but Mysterio propels Rollins into that kick instead.
  • Rey tags in Dominik and hits a sliding sunset flip bomb on Rollins outside.
  • Dominik hits a 619 and a frogsplash on Murphy and gets the pin! Finally, some Payback! (TM)

So it this feud finally over? I hope so. If the goal of the whole thing was to get Dominik over, I think it probably succeeded in that. Mysterio is solid enough in the ring (he's no Pat McAfee or anything, but he's good), and the crowd (such as it is) seems behind him.

Hurt Business is seen leaving the arena backstage and then Michael Cole shills for Clash of Champions, taking place later this month.

So far, SummerSlam was booked like the go-home television show for Payback. I'm not complaining, because Payback has been pretty good so far, but it's weird for the second-biggest show of the year to be seemingly all setup for what's normally a throwaway PPV.

WWE Payback continues, I believe, for one more match. That means Chelsy will be wrapping things up. Thanks for reading Bleeding Cool's live Payback coverage, and I'll see back here soon for the Monday Night Raw report.

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