WWE RAW "Go-Home" Ep Provides Strong "WrestleMania 36" Hype [REVIEW]

It's hard to believe that WWE's WrestleMania 36 is this weekend. So much has happened over the past few weeks that it's frankly easy to forget that the biggest WWE show of the year is this weekend. So needless to say, I was curious to see what we would get from this week's "go-home" edition of RAW – and I have to say, it did not disappoint.


RAW started with a video compilation of AJ Styles calling out The Undertaker for their upcoming match. I really like Styles. He's a top knotch performer and gives a great promo. But this storyline has been, while adequate, almost insincere. I know Styles and Undertaker will put on a good match, regardless of how cheap it feels.

This RAW — as with every RAW before WrestleMania — wrapped up last minute plot points for this weekend. Becky Lynch took to the ring with her RAW Women's title. Lynch will be facing Shayna Baszler this weekend for the championship this weekend at WrestleMania. I've enjoyed watching this progress. Lynch did something incredible last WrestleMania. In fact we were reminded of that historic match as it was shown in its entirety on last night's RAW. I'm only a smidgen jealous that Ronda Rousey got to walk down to the ring with Joan Jett playing "Bad Reputation" live.

"WWE RAW": But Wait! There's More!

After the match we have Lynch telling Baszler that she's in for a fight, Baszler attacks Lynch from Behind, and now we have our match set uo for WrestleMania. Aleister Black and Jason Cade, in another quick squash match. The action kept moving forward tho. We got another recap from last Monday with Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, who are arguably great at promos.

Our next match of the evening went to the RAW Tag Team champs The Street Profits and Owens, against Angel Garza, Austin Theory, and Rollins. This was a fun, high energy match. Street Profits and Owens won. Rollins thus attacked Owens, sending Owens into a passionate promo before their match at WrestleMania.

We then get a passionate promo with Edge. With his upcoming match against Randy Orton, now is the time to get people excited. This has been a great storyline for WWE, and we will absolutely reap the rewards from the match this weekend.

Our next match featured Asuka and Kayden Carter. Carter is impressive in the ring, and her and Asuka are a pretty even in terms of skills. Asuka won the match quickly tho, before putting on a set of announcer headphones and telling Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross that they aren't ready for this weekend. I genuinely enjoy listening to Asuka yell in Japanese. She speaks with a Kansai dialect (I learned Tokyo dialect through school), which can be a bit challenging for me, but it's actually been a great learning experience.

We then see Rhea Ripley get attacked outside by Charlotte Flair. After that we get to re-watch the Brock Lesnar / Rey Mysterio match from Survivor Series. Before the final promo of the night, viewers are reminded as to what we're in store for this weekend. RAW closed out with Lesnar and Paul Heyman cutting a promo about Lesnar's upcoming match against Drew McIntyre. Heyman is truly the best person on the mic in WWE. He deserves all the praise for his work.

In the end, this was a good RAW to send us off to WrestleMania 36.

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