WWE SummerSlam Goes Hardcore: Sonya v Mandy, Mysterio v Rollins

WWE SummerSlam continues. After a somewhat lackluster opening, the next hour of SummerSlam features two big grudge matches. Will things pick up? Let's find out.

WWE SummerSlam Report Part 3

We see a video package and Michael Cole promotes Payback in two weeks. Then Corey Graves introduces a video package for Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville. Sonya comes to the ring first to a chorus of artificially sweetened boos. Mandy Rose is next. SummerSlam continues…

Sonya Deville takes on Mandy Rose in a Lose Leaves Town match at SummerSlam.
Sonya Deville takes on Mandy Rose in a Lose Leaves Town match at SummerSlam.

Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose – Hair vs. Hair Loser Leaves Town Match

  • This match is also no disqualification.
  • The match turns into a brawl right away and Mandy beats the crap out of Deville at ringside. She even hits a flying clothesline off the announce table.
  • Mandy brings out a table and struggles to set it up at ringside. It takes a while, but she gets it. Unfortunately, Deville has recovered and attacks her with a chair.
  • Now it's Deville's turn to beat the crap out of Mandy. She brings it back in the ring.
  • You know what gesture I've never seen a real person make in real life? That thing in every wrestling reaction shot where someone puts both their hands against their cheeks to express shock. Of course, plenty of people are doing it on the Thunderdome screens.
  • Deville puts Rose in a triangle but Rose pins her shoulders, forcing her to break it. Deville starts to get cocky in her offense, shouting at Rose. Rose slaps her.
  • Mandy is fired up now and makes a comeback.
  • They head back outside. Mandy puts Deville on the table and climbs in the ring, but Deville rolls off the table. Deville knocks the table over and they brawl outside again. Then back inside.
  • Mandy hits a bunch of running knees on Sonya and then hits her facebuster. She shouts at Sonya to get up, then hits a running knee to the face. That gets the pin.

This match was not bad. I expected a higher level of violence for a loser leaves town no dq grudge match, but it was a solid match nonetheless. Of everyone in WWE, these two have really come into their own over the past year and it's great that they got to do this feud together. I wonder where Sonya is going after this? Taking a little time off, maybe, given the stalker incident and the timing of the stipulation change. Sonya throws a temper tantrum at ringside. Otis runs to the ring to celebrate with Mandy. He does the Caterpillar and then hoists Mandy on his shoulder. Then Mandy attempts a Caterpillar, unsuccessfully.

SummerSlam has been adequate so far. It needs to step things up a bit.

Commercials. Then a video package for Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio. The Monday Night Messiah comes out first, with Murphy. Then Dominik with Rey Mysterio. Rey promised earlier not to interfere in the match, but he's gonna be there to back him up, especially with Murphy out there.

Dominik Mysterio makes his WWE debut against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam
Dominik Mysterio makes his WWE debut against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam

Seth Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio – SummerSlam Street Fight

  • It's a back-and-forth at the start and Dominik shows off some arm drag skills.
  • But Rollins takes control and stomps him down in the corner.
  • Seth asks Murphy to get him a kendo stick.  But before he can use it, Mysterio hits him with a dropkick and grabs it.
  • Rollins flees the ring, but gets Dominik on the old slide back in and attack your opponent when they follow trick.
  • Rollins beats on Mysterio for a while. We see Dominik's mom watching from backstage (in Gorilla, based on the wallpaper).
  • Rollins taunts Rey Mysterio as he beats on Dominik. Rey stays true his promise and stays out. Rollins goes for the stomp, but he taunted too long. Mysterio drops him into a chair.
  • Now Mysterio gets in some offense. Solid, basic stuff with a little bit of lucha flair. He beats Rollins with the kendo stick.
  • But when Mysterio goes to the top rope, Rollins stops him.
  • Rollins wants a superplex, but Mysterio blocks. He shoves Dominik off, but Rollins runs back up and hits the superlex, rolling right through into a falcon arrow. That's the exact same spot Pat McAfee did last night except without the falcon arrow. Dominik kicks out though.
  • Rollins gets two a kendo stick and beats Mysterio with it. He tells Murphy to get him a table. He sets it up in the ring. He props Mysterio up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up behind him with the kendo stick.
  • But Rollins once again spends too much time talking trash to Rey. Dominik crotches him, then hits a side Russian leg sweep with the kendo stick through the table.
  • Dominik goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash. But Rollins kicks out.
  • Dominik tries to bring a steel chair in the ring but Rollins slides it back out. He catches Mysterio and hits a powerbomb.
  • There's an attempt at a group clap by the crowd at this time but technology makes it impossible to get off the ground.
  • Rollins beats on Mysterio with the kendo stick some more. He gets handcuffs and attaches them to the rope. He drags a lifeless Mysterio over.
  • Mysterio's mom comes out to the the stage. Rey runs up to the rop of the stage and pleads with her not to go any further. Rollins taunts her.
  • Dominik rolls up Rollins, but he kicks out. With Rey still distracted at the top, Murphy attacks Dominik. He tries to take his eye out on the stairs. Rey runs back down and makes the save, but Murphy and Rollins beat Rey down. They handcuff Rey to the rope. Now they can double-team Dominik with impunity.
  • They get kendo sticks and think about beating Rey… but then they turn around and look at Angie. Rollins walks slowly to the top of the stage.
  • Dominik hits him from behind. He tosses Murphy over the barricade and then goes after Rollins.
  • Murphy charges again but gets backdropped. Dominik hits a 619 on the outside and tosses Rollins in the ring. He hits another 619 and goes for a frogsplash…
  • …but Rollins gets his knees up.
  • Rollins climbs on top of Dominik and taunts Rey. He hits the stomp on Dominik right in front of Rey, but just out of reach. Rollins wins.

Good debut by Dominik, and at SummerSlam, WWE's second-biggest PPV of the year. He didn't look out of place at any point. Being in the ring with Rollins helped, I'm sure, but even still, Dominik was on point the whole match. I'm not sure what's next in this feud. Does Rey do another singles match with Rollins? Do they do a tag match? Rollins drops the handcuff key on Dominik Mysterio and he and Murphy leave.

That's another two SummerSlam matches down, and so it's another breaking point. This report will continue in Bleeding Cool's SummerSlam Report Part Four. Look for it soon!

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