WWE Wants More Female Writers to Have Work Trashed by Vince McMahon

WWE will never reach true gender equality unless female writers have the same opportunity to work hard on writing WWE shows only for Vince McMahon to tear up the scripts and rewrite it a half-hour before the show goes on air as men do. With that in mind, Stephanie McMahon says the company is working on getting more women in the writing room.

WWE Raw 7/20/20 Part 2 - Stephanie McMahon Ruins Everything
Stephanie McMahon appears on the WWE Titantron to ensure a women's championship match has the same complicated overbooking as any men's match.

"We do not have enough. We do not have enough female writers in the writers' room, we are actively working on that," Stephanie McMahon said in an interview with The National. "There is a dedicated focus to how we tell our women's storylines in the show, but we can always be better."

For many fans of WWE, it's a lifelong dream to get a job carefully crafting the storylines and dialog for Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown so that, when Vince McMahon arrives on site, he can tear the scripts and rewrite them from scratch. But due to a gender imbalance, men are far more likely to have their work invalidated by a 75-year-old billionaire than women. That's not cool, but Stephanie McMahon, who some people say started the Women's Evolution, is working on it.

WWE is also making progress in terms of in-ring performers. Specifically, the company is working so that women have the same opportunities as men to perform matches at the behest of the murderous ruling regime of Saudi Arabia.

"Our first women's match in Abu Dhabi took us six years to be able to have. And during that match, the audience of both men and women started chanting 'this is hope,' which is not your typical WWE chant," McMahon said. "Then we had not one, but two women's matches in Saudi Arabia where the chant simply became 'this is awesome.' And that's really where we are today in terms of the evolution of women in our business, and I couldn't be more proud of them, our fans, and, of course, WWE."

Read the full interview with Stephanie McMahon here.

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