Yellowjackets: Samantha Hanratty's Openness About Bisexuality Matters

First of all, welcome to all fellow bisexuals and generally queer friends. I see you all and you're all valid as f**k. We've got someone to welcome to the LGBTQIA+ community and that is Samantha Hanratty. From iconic Disney Channel roles to her recent appearance as Misty on Showtime's Yellowjackets, Hanratty has been in a ton of different projects for some time now.

Yellowjackets (Image: Screencap/Showtime)

I was browsing my Twitter feed one evening, as I often do, and I came across a tweet from someone expressing gratitude towards a video showing Hanratty discussing her sexuality and relationship. Below the tweet was a sweet reply from the actresses' official account, thanking the original poster for welcoming them and sharing it. In the video (which I'll include below), the Yellowjackets start discusses the difficulty of accepting your own bisexuality in a world that often excludes it if it doesn't meet sexual or social criteria.

Often the validity seen in bisexuality is wavering and dismissed if in a straight-presenting relationship. I can relate greatly to what Hanratty talks about when it comes to her relationship with her fiancé, with some slight differences on my part. For me, it's a constant battle of not feeling queer enough. My partner is non-binary but presents masculine (beautiful brown beard and all), so when we're out together we both often will get dismissed as a queer couple and on an individual basis as well.  It can feel like the lack of same-sex relationship experiences can invalidate your own bisexuality or valid queerness. I feel so much of that joy Hanratty displays when thanking fans and communities for welcoming her.


BRB I'm sobbing! #engaged #engagement this isn't real life😭💍❤️

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Acceptance goes a long way, but so does representation when someone out in the public eye talks about their experiences and identity if they're safely able to. That's why I felt the need to so publicly send along my own welcome message because it can sometimes be very silent in the LGBTQIA+ community for many within it when it instead should be celebrated. Every little video message or tweet matters for bisexual representation. Often we find ourselves continually "coming out" or dismissing odd myths about our own identities that are creepy or simply mean-spirited.

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