Commanding Cranial Cover: We Review Jinx's Overwatch Hats

Among the awesome set of Overwatch items we received from Jinx a few weeks ago were an amazing set of snap back hats. We actually received two sets of hats from two different collections, and we were curious how well all of them look and which set feels superior.

The first set released several months ago have four of the most popular characters in the game: Hanzo, Junkrat,, and Reaper. All of these are made from the same material, which is a 77% acrylic, 12% wool, 10% polyester construction combination. All four of them are embroidered with their iconic logos on the front as well as some flavor text to the side and a message put on the inner bands.

Taking a closer look at the one from this set, you can see the attention to detail on her symbol and the work they did to make sure her logo from her MEKA matches up with the side. On the inside, you can see the message "Play To Win" on the hat bands all the way to the point, with a lovely shade of hot pink for the bill. All of these were made to fit the character, and if you happen to purchase any of the Ultimate Hoodies that match these characters, you'll see the color compliments each one.


The second set, which is the newer set, has two familiar names in a Reaper and D.Va variant, along with Roadhog and Sombra joining the mix. The D.Va is obviously changed to be in powder blue while the Reaper hat has a rubber patch as the logo and a red bill. The two newer hats are designed like the others, with the exception of Roadhog who is added as a patch to match his jacket and attire.

The coolest of the bunch is the Sombra one, where the front has a contrasted purple shading that, depending on which side you look at it, can change shades and even appear slightly blue with the light around you. The bill looks incredible with a triangle pattern, along with the worlds "Everything Can Be Hacked… And Everyone" on the straps. It is probably the best design of the bunch.

In fact, all of the hats from both sets have some kind of message inside of them, from Reaper's saying "Die… Die… Die…" to Junkrat's with "Fire In The Hole" and Hanzo's "Ryū ga waga teki wo kurau!", all from their ultimate ability lines. It's a nice touch that I don't think a lot of people would immediately notice and will never be seen until you take off your hat.

xAll of these were really awesome to try out, and they all run $20 a pop which is a hell of a lot cheaper than hats we usually end up getting at conventions. If you have a favorite Overwatch character in the mix (they also most ones for Soldier 76 and Lucio), they're totally worth getting.

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