Lying In The Gutters – 29th October 2012

Skottie Young's Wolverine in the manner of Edward Gorey…

DC and Marvel closed today, due to the oncoming storm. Diamond closed early too. As a result, this week Diamond is using UPS for almost all retailer deliveries, which may also lead to delays in the following areas;

• Delaware: All ZIP Codes
• Maryland: All ZIP Codes
• New Jersey: ZIP Codes from 08201-08270, 08302-08362, 08401-08406
• New York: ZIP Codes from 10002-10292
• Pennsylvania: ZIP Codes from 18901-19496
• Virginia: ZIP Codes from 23301-23316, 23336-23488
• Washington DC: ZIP Codes from 20001 – 20599, 56901 – 56999

If your retailer is there, give them a little slack. Also, a lot may be due to Rick's Comic City of Nashville, Tennessee, who found that a couple of teenagers had driven their car into the neighbouring store, leading to plenty of water and smoke damage., They are operating out of a temporary space in the plaza, and will have new comics this week… but not much else.

A bunch of conventions happened this weekend in London, Paris, Detroit and I'm still playing catch up. Hallowe'en coming up and I'll be giving away a stack of comics to the local kids. Rot their brains instead of their teeth, that has to be the way…

Okay folks, what have you been reading in Bleeding Cool this week? When you could read it that is…

Top Twenty Traffic Stories Of The Week

1. Rob Liefeld Announces His Retirement From Comics (For Half An Hour)

2. What If Dan Slott Totally Spoiled Superior Spider-Man On Twitter

3. Okay, So That Thing In Today's Avengers…

4. Warning: Thor 2 And Iron Man 3 Plot Spoilers Aplenty

5. Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics

6. Schwarzenegger Is Conan Again In Legend Of Conan, Sequel To His First Film

8. A Very Close Look At The Iron Man 3 Trailer

9. And Finally… What If The Justice League Were From 1880

10. Uncanny Avengers #2 Delayed A Couple Of Weeks

11. First Full Iron Man 3 Trailer

12. Everything Feels – Journey Into Mystery #645

13. Abigail Breslin, Steven Monroe And The Next Generation

14. An Infamous Blurb For The Wizard Of Oz, And More Words

15. Preview Pages From All New X-Men #2, #3, #4 And #5

16. Four New Skottie Young Baby Covers For Marvel NOW!

17. New Wolverine Movie Image And Some Clarification Of Its Position Of Continuity

18. A Babies Vs X Babies Shows You How The Magneto Vs Iron Man Fight Should Have Gone Down

19. The Best Booster Gold Cosplay In The World Ever – Afterwards They Will Explode

20. Superman's Big Jerry Maguire Moment

And Ten You May Prefer…

1. Could Bookstores Be The Saviour Of I, Vampire?

2. Five More Live-Action Winnie The Pooh Shorts – Now With Tigger, Eeyore And Plenty More

3. Christian Beranek – Changing Gender, Changing Comics

4. Sam Mendes Discusses What Might Be Skyfall's Most Crowd-Pleasing Moment

5. The Scar On Superman's Back

6. Ian McKellen On The Pros And Cons Of Returning To Middle Earth For The Hobbit

7. Brian Vaughan And Fiona Staples' Saga Is "Under Review" At Amazon

8. Abigail Breslin, Steven Monroe And The Next Generation Of Rapesploitation

9. When Grant Morrison MBE Went To Meet The Queen

10. We Know What The Shining Is Really About, And We're Going To Tell You. Perhaps



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