Agents of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 22 Recap: The End

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season five finale – The End.






The End

The episode starts with them checking on Coulson (Clark Gregg) who is unconscious in the med-bay and close to dying. The team debates whether they should use the centipede serum to save Coulson or stop Tablot (Adrian Pasdar). Though Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) agrees that stopping Talbot is important, only Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) is set on using it on Talbot and grabs the serum before anyone else can. But May (Ming-Na Wen) counters by destroying the odium, making the only use for the serum being saving Coulson. We cut to Talbot forcing Robin (Lexy Kolker) to show him where the gravitonium is by taking Polly (Lola Gauldini) away. He lands his ship in the middle of a city and starts pulling the gravitonium out of the Earth.

The serum is ready and May tries to convince Coulson, now awake, to take it. Deke (Jeff Ward) talks to Daisy (Chloe Bennet) about how she needs to repair the rift if she's ever going to lead. Her solution is sto make Mac (Henry Simmons) the leader. Everyone agrees, even Coulson who is back on his feet. They head to where Talbot is and Mac leads one group to save lives and evacuate bystanders while Daisy and Coulson go after Talbot. Daisy wants him to go and talk to Talbot, but Coulson reveals he didn't take the serum and convinces Daisy she can do it on her own. She goes, yelling at him to go back and take the serum and we see the scene from the video from earlier in the season. Mac, May and Fitz save some folks on the top floors of the building Talbot landed his ship on. Robin comes out of the ship but Polly is still on board. Mac goes to get her and Fitz comes back, realizing that neither Mac nor Polly survive… Mac gets Polly out of the cell but they're attacked by aliens, May and Fitz arrive to save the day and change the future.

Daisy confronts Talbot, trying to convince him that he's become a villain and was already a hero the moment he signed up for the service. That there are heroes all around them and they must work together. Talbot doesn't by it and attacks her, Soaring up into the sky and then driving back down into the ground. He then pins her and starts to absorb her. Once the Quinjet docks with the Zephyr, Agent Davis (Maximillian Osinski) brings the unconscious Coulson on board and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) races to get the serum only to discover that it's gone. The impact from Talbot and Daisy hitting the ground cause a collapse as Mac and squad are getting off the alien ship and it crushed Fitz who ends up dying while holding Mac's hand. And Daisy, on the verge of being absorbed, discovers that Coulson put the serum inside her gauntlet. She takes it and it spikes her power. She forces Talbot off of her and the shot puts him into outer space where he dies from lack of oxygen.

The episode ends with Davis putting up a commemorative plaque on the Zephyr. We see Simmons packing Deke's stuff and we get the idea that he did fade out of existence. The team gets together for a drink and a farewell, but we quickly learn that it isn't for Fitz. The fact is version of Fitz is still alive, frozen in space and the team is going to use the Zephyr to get him with Mac as the new director. The plaque and the party are for Coulson. He has a few days, maybe a few weeks left to live and he's leaving. He says goodbye to each member of the team and then steps off to spend the rest of his life in a magical place, Tahiti. And May is staying with him.

If this had been the final episode of the series, it would have been a fitting ending. The writers did a very good job of wrapping up everything and bringing it back around to the beginning. I personally would've had Coulson and May driving off into the sunset in Lola… but standing on the beach as the Zephyr flies off was good. The emotional moments hit well, both the 'hell yeahs' and the "oh noes". No one actually saying anything about Deke being gone was kind of strange, but almost everything else worked. Would've liked to see a little bit more of a fight between Daisy and Talbot, as there really only were four or five hits total.

The interesting thing will be to see how they pick up with a new season in the summer of 2019. They can't really bring Coulson back, at least not in the beginning. They might want to go the Secret Warriors route with Daisy and Yo-Yo with Mac as the leader and focus on powered characters for a season. They pretty much have a blank slate to play with except going back to the way things were.

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