Baby Yoda and More Toys Could be Halted Due to Coronavirus 

This year has already been crazy with all sorts of news from Baby Yoda, and now we have some bad news. Hasbro has mentioned that major toys coming out like the long awaited Baby Yoda figures from The Mandalorian could be halted from making their way over to the United States if the virus continues to spread the way it is. They have stated that if these issues with the Coronavirus continue and are not normal by June or July then Hasbro will implement shortages. This won't just impact collectors finally purchasing their Baby Yoda figure but other major toys like from Hasbro like Marvel Legends and Star Wars series like The Black Series and The Vintage Collection. 

Hasbro has stated that they do expect a 5 to 10% decline in Baby Yoda merchandise due to the coronavirus. They are still expected to stay on schedule but with the unknown nature of the situation with the virus, things could change faster than we expect. Hasbro is already working around manufacturers overseas due to some factories being closed longer than expected. The biggest issue is that major raw products that we see in our collectibles like Baby Yoda are exclusively from China like resin and plastics. Let's hope that the virus can stay contained so our favorite collectibles still make it to our shelves this spring and summer. If you have missed any pre-orders for any of the upcoming Baby Yoda figures you can find them here. That is still the best way to guarantee that when the figures finally ship, you will be able to claim your own toy of The Child.


Info first seen on CNN

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