Pokemon Fans Can Sleep Inside Gengar With New Bandai Pillow

Pokemon fans can now live out their life long fantasy of sleeping inside of a Gengar. That's right, The Pokemon Company and P-Bandai have unveiled a Gengar themed pillow with an expandable tongue. When fully extended, the Gengar pillow measures roughly 5ft and 7" long, making it the perfect sleeping bag. The pillow itself is quite hefty to coming in at 20" wide and 18 inches tall, perfect for any head to be placed in. Gengar uses Nightmare and Lick in this battle and will most likely win, putting any trainer right to sleep. With a Snorlax Bag Chair already released, this is clearly the next step for Pokemon fans to bring home these iconic Pocket Monsters. This Gengar pillow will be the perfect way to come home and relax after a mighty day of Pokemon Go.

Sadly the P-Bandai Gengar pillow sold out near-instantly as it secretly popped up online. Prices at roughly $300, fans can still find pre-order through a variety of media like here. Packed with classic Pokemon detail, color, and a fun gimmick, this Gengar pillow will be a fun gift for yourself or another trainer this summer. There is, of course, a variety of ways to use the Gengar pillow, so make sure you find the way that best suits your trainer style. Pokemon collectibles like this are always fun to see as it shows a use for some of their more unique abilities. I can not wait to see this sleeping bag/ pillow/ blanket in action lets just hope Gengar's tongue is as comfortable as it looks.

"Premium Bandai is releasing a rather peculiar giant Gengar bed where you can sleep on Gengar's tongue. After a stressful day at school or work, what better way to relax than sleeping on Gengar's soft plush tongue?"

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