Batman The Grim Knight Takes His Shot With Prime 1 Studio

We travel to the Dark Multiverse once again as Prime 1 Studio unveils their newest DC Comics statue. Batman is back once again but not the Batman we all know and love but a more twisted version. This version picked up Joe Chill's gun in the alley that night as a kid and took the shot that ended his parent's killer's life. This led to his obsession with firearms, and it helped him clean up Gotham wine bullet at a time. DC Comics fans can now bring The Grim Knight home with this new 33-inch tall statue. Fans will be able to show off Batman's war on crime with a variety of swappable guns for each hand and attachable guns for his back. Prime 1 Studio is also offering an exclusive version that will come with a secondary head wrapped sculpt and an art print that is hand-signed by DC Comics artist Jason Fabok.

Dark Nights Metal showed off a huge variety of twisted Batmen that shook up the idea of The Dark Knight. The Grim Knight is a great creation of "What If" Batman became the Punisher, and Prime 1 Studio captures that. The Standard Edition will be priced at $1,249, and the EX Bonus Edition will come in at $1,299. Pre-orders are not live and are set to begin on January 15th, which fans will be able to find here. The Grim Knight is set to release between April and July 2022, so make sure you don't miss out on him.

"Prime 1 Studio is proud to collaborate with Comic Book Artist Jason Fabok, the latest addition to the Museum Masterline DC Metal Series! The deadliest man alive! The Grim Knight from The Dark Nights: Metal Comics! Another Dark Multiverse, Bruce Wayne, this alternate version of Batman, unlike Prime Earth's Batman, takes a lethal, more vigilante-style approach to crime-fighting. Giving no mercy to taking the life of those who he feels deserve it. Going back to his childhood, when Joe Chill kills his parents, instead of being overcome by fear, young Bruce is overcome by anger, and we have the birth of The Grim Knight."

"Through close collaboration and direct inspiration based on Jason Fabok's iconic cover art, The Grim Knight stands 33 inches tall in a strong center-styled museum pose with weapons drawn! Recruited by The Batman Who Laughs and becoming second in command, The Grim Knight is "The Batman At Total War" and is quite literally the "Deadliest Man Alive." His numerous arsenals are all included as swappable weapons, and this could make him the most dangerous version of Batman yet. Do not miss out on adding this alternate version of Batman into your DC Metal collection!"


  • One (1) Designed theme base
  • Two (2) Swappable Pair of Arms (Raised, Lowered)
  • Six (6) Swappable Hands holding various weapons and closed hands
  • One (1) Alternate Exclusive Portrait [Exclusive Version Only]
  • One (1) A4 Size Art Print Hand-Signed by Jason Fabok [Exclusive Bonus Version Only]


"Pursuant to Warner Bros.' Weapons and Propriety Mandate, Prime 1 Studio is unable to completely and properly display, market, or advertise the product herein. The Mandate stipulates that Prime 1 Studio cannot exhibit any statue with attached weapons, ammunition, or explosives for the purposes of marketing and advertising, nor can the former be exhibited in a threatening manner. Thank you for your understanding and continued support."

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