Toy Story Rex Gets Enlarged with New Beast Kingdom Collectible

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Toy Story, Beast Kingdom has announced a new collectible. Following the release of Ham and Three-Eyed Aline piggy banks is Rex! This lovable dinosaur is supersized and ready for your coins! Standing roughly 18" tall, coins can be inserted into the mouth of this Toy Story dino. Rex's tail can be fully detached for easy access to gain the contents inside this iconic characters. Rex is fully detailed and posed in a roaring motion. Fans of dinosaurs and Toy Story will not want to miss out on this large and in charge collectible.

The 25th Anniversary of Toy Story has not given us a lot of collectibles oddly enough. This one is a nice addition to show off such an iconic Disney Pixar film. Standing at a whopping 18", this piggy bank is supersized and ready to come to your home. Pre-orders for the Tog Story Rex Piggy Bank from Beast Kingdom are not live just yet. He is expected to ship out by the end of the year between October and December 2020. You will be able to find him located here when pre-orders are live and don't forget to add the other piggy bank characters to your collection today.

"The adorable, huggable and always dependable 'Rex'from the' Toy Story' series is ready to take care of your coins as well as your heart! Dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex are often seen as scary! Fret not, Rex is one the warmest characters in the famous Disney, Pixar series. Often shy, yet brave, Rex is one to look out for his friends in time of need!"

"Following the launch of 2 previous Piggy Banks and the Three-Eyed Aliens from the Toys Story series, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the first 'Toy Story' animation, Beast Kingdom proudly presents the 'Super-Large'Rex Piggy-Bank. Standing at nearly 46cm in height, and with tons of room for some serious savings, deposit your spare notes or coins straight into Rex's mouth and fill up his tummy! Once he is full simply detach his tail and start over! A trust worthy friend that will help kids and the "kids at heart" alike to save and have fun whilst doing so!"

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