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Toy Story Three-Eyed Alien Play Dress Up with Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom has just revealed some brand new collectible piggy banks from some hit Disney Pixar animated film, Toy Story Your favorite Little Three-Eyed Aliens are back, and it is party time as they dress up as some iconic character from the Pixar world Four cosplaying Toy Story Three Eyed Alien piggy banks are here[...]
Toy Story Enters the Winner’s Circle With New Hot Toys CoRiders
Your favorite characters from the hit animated Disney/ Pixar film Toy Story is back as Hot Toys reveals their newest CosRiders There are five figures coming spanning over the four Toy Story films Each CosRider figure features an iconic character in their own coin-operated vehicle Each ride will have its own original tune, LED functionality,[...]
Toy Story Rex Gets a High Score with Disney Beast Kingdom Statue
Beast Kingdom is taking us back to Toy Story 2 with their newest Disney Mastercraft statue Rex is back and ready to take on Zurg and get the new high score with this amazing piece Standing roughly 12" tall, Rex comes to life right off the screen feating his toy design on a diorama styled[...]
To Infinity and Beyond with Beast Kingdom Buzz Lightyear Alien Remix
Beast Kingdom has unveiled another Alien Remix Dynamic 8ction Heroes from the hit film Toy Story We have already seen the new Three-Eyed Alien Sheriff Woody and now to shift gears to infinity and beyond Packed with high amounts of detail, three interchangeable hands, and four swappable heads with moveable eyes Buzz Lightyears iconic suit[...]
Alien Remix Toy Story Woody Beams Up With Beast Kingdom
From the hit, Disney/Pixar film Toy Story comes a new Alien Remix figure featuring Sheriff Woody This Alien is playing dress up and is packed with detail, articulations, and customizable pieces The Beast Kingdom figure will have real fabric for his vest, shirt, and jeans, adding extra realism to this Toy Story character Alien Woody[...]
Two New Pixar Films: Turning Red, Lightyear W/Chris Evans Announced
Lightyear will focus on the actual Buzz Lightyear that the toy from Toy Story is based on How meta is that for you? It sounds super cool for them to try and get this out there, something unexpected, and a great way to continue the Toy Story franchise without stepping on the toes of what[...]
Freeform Reveals 25 Days Of Christmas Line-Up: Home Alone & More
Plus, the first three Toy Story films, even though I think only the first film has any Christmas scenes Nice try there, Freeform You can see the entire schedule below. 25 Days of Christmas Freeform 2020 Freeform Will Be On My TV 24/7…Except When Watching Hallmark Movies Tuesday, December 1 11:00 a.m – Disney's A Christmas Carol 1:00 p.m[...]
Inside Pixar Trailer Released By Disney, Debuts On Plus Friday
The Northern California studio has created some of the most successful and beloved animated films of all time, including "Toy Story," "Monsters, Inc.," "Cars," "The Incredibles," "Ratatouille," "WALL•E," "Up," "Toy Story 3," "Brave," "Inside Out," and "Coco." Its movies have won 37 Academy Awards® and have grossed more than $14 billion at the worldwide box[...]
Coco and Toy Story Become One with New Beast Kingdom Figure
The mash-up aliens are here to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Toy Story and there is no better way than this Beast Kingdom is taking it up a notch as their new Alien dresses up at Miguel from Coco The Coco Alien is packed with detail and interchangeable pieces that are amazing and slightly creepy. This[...]
Toy Story’s Sid Become a Toy With Beast Kingdoms Dynamic 8ction Heroes
The villainous neighbor from the hit Disney/Pixar film Toy Story is back once again for some mischief However, the tables have turned as Sid Philips is now a toy himself coming from Beast Kingdom We recently covered that Toy Story's Andy would be joining the Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure line, and now it is Sid's[...]
Toy Story’s Andy Joins Buzz and Woody as Toy from Beast Kingdom
Coming out of the hit Disney and Pixar film, Toy Story, is the one and only Andy Andy Davis is the toy owner from the first three films, and Beast Kingdom has added him to their own growing toy line From their Dynamic 8ction Heroes line, is Andy Davis like you have never seen him[...]
Funko Games Reveals Three New Tabletop Titles For The Holidays
First off, they introduced two new additions to the Disney card game Something Wild as we're now getting versions featuring The Little Mermaid and Toy Story Both of which are stocking-stuffer sized Meanwhile, they also revealed a new board game for Last Defense, and a new card game based on the breakfast treat Pop-Tarts[...]
Pixar Gets Spooky With New Halloween Theme Box from Funko
All of the items are Halloween themed starting with Woody from Toy Story dressed as a mummy We also will be getting Vampire Sulley from Monsters Inc Each Pops is unique and features a special design that any Disney and Pixar fan can fall in love with Both characters return for the Pop tee for[...]
Toy Story Gets a 25th Anniversary Q-Fig Max Figure
This Toy Story Q-Fig Max collectible marks number 68 in the QMx series The bright colors and beautiful sculpting on each character are very well done and showcase each right off the screen The pose that they have been given is very well done too and a great way to show off these two heroes[...]
Funko Announces New Wave of Toy Story Pixar Alien Remix Pops
They are continuing the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the beloved Pixar film Toy Story The Pizza Planet Aliens continue their exploration of the Pixar world Multiple animated Pixar films are covered in this wave with Monsters Inc., Cars, Wall-E, A Bug's Life, and The Incredibles There are 13 Funko Pops in totals with[...]