"Black Widow" Red Guardian and Taskmaster Are Here from Funko

Black Widow has unfortunately been postponed until further notice but the collectibles continue to release. We have already seen a couple of the Funko Pops from the series and we have reviewed them here. This time things are about to get a little Russian as we take a look at Red Guardian and another Taskmaster Funko Pop vinyl.

Black Widow Gets Her Own Line of Funko Pops [Review]
Credit: Marvel Studios

First, I want to take a look at another Taskmaster figure that features him with a bow and arrow. We have already seen a sword and shield version of this figure and it looks like we will get plenty more. If you have seen the newest trailer for the Black Widow film you have seen all of the Avengers being recreated by this assassin. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a Funko Pop for all of our favorite heroes in the future. This one is obviously based on Hawkeye and the packaging is no different from the rest of the figures. There is a Black Widow logo insert on the inside that does give a nice backdrop for these figures.

The figure is pretty amazing and that might be the fact that I really dig this new suit that Marvel has given us. The motorcycle stealth suit is a nice modern look on this iconic character and I can't wait to see him in action. The colors on this figure really pop and the blue is quite calming on the eyes. This figure is a good mold from the original and I honestly wouldn't mind seeing more come from Funko of him. You can lock down your own Taskmaster figure here.

Now we are taking a trip to Mother Russian as not only Natasha is getting some closure but we are introduced to a new hero. Red Guardian is here to save the day with his amazing new Funko Pop vinyl that any MCU fan needs to own. No special treatment is on his packaging besides the added Black Widow logon on the inside.

Red Guardian is a great character and I'm glad Marvel is bringing him to the screen and Funko is bringing him to life. This figure is nicely designed and features some nice weathering effects on his armor and helmet. He almost takes on the mold of older Captain America Funko Pops and I like that since he is considered the Cap of Russia. His body is nicely detailed too and is packing on aloof of attached detailed to give fans a perfect recreation of the character. This one figure from the Black Widow set that fans defiantly need to pick up and you can find them located here to add to your own collection.

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