Bring Home the Dark Multiverse with New Batman Beast Kingdom MEA's

To this day, the DC Comics Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Nights: Death Metal were some truly incredible stories. They did get confusing more often than I would like, but it gave us a dark twist on the multiverse. The Dark Multiverse is filled with your worst nightmares that come to life and disappear when you overcome them. However, when if those nightmares escaped and attacked our world, that is what happens in Dark Night: Metal, and it was crazy. One of these twisted nightmares was the Batman Who Laughed, a version of Bruce who accidentally killed the Joker and then became the Clown Price due to the toxin in the Joker's blood. This evil Batman was a deadly threat, and his army of Robins (Crows) was truly terrifying. Beast Kingdom is adding a dash of cuteness to this deadly tease as they reveal a new Mini Egg Attack figure set.

Batman Who Laughs and his three Robins come to life with these adorable mini statues. The Dark Multiverse comes to life in 3 inch format, and Beast Kingdom is loaded out with a cartoony design and popping colors. This set is a 2022 Beast Kingdom Exclusive, and these little guys will definitely bring some life to your batcave. The Dark Nights: Metal Batman Who Laughs and the Three Robins MEA's are not up for pre-order just yet they will be able to be found here soon. 

"From the pantheons of the dark multiverse comes a version of Batman unlike any other! After being infected by the Jokers evil toxins, the caped crusader transforms into the 'Laughing Batman,' a combination of heroic justice, and the Jokers manic insanity. After his transformation, the Laughing Batman proceeds to take out all the members of the Batman family as well as the entire Justice League, not before opening the Dark Multiverse to his ultimate creation the 'Robin Minions' Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is back with the popular line of 3-inch Mini Egg Attack (MEA) figurines that are sure to liven up any desk!"

"Enter the scary world of the DC Dark Multiverse with a pair of terrifyingly cute figurines! Take both home, whether it's  the crazy, yet charming laugh of the Batmen, with his tight leather outfit or the Robin Minions that have been twisted into a demonic set of characters and looking a little Joker like! The MEA Death Metal series is a definite must have for fans of scary cross-overs!  

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