Creative Beast Studio Velociraptor Models are Prehistoric Perfection

The interest in dinosaurs has always been there, but it was quickly the debut of Jurassic Park that made it bigger than ever. The iconic franchise gave plenty of people a specific way to view these prehistoric beasts with a more theatrical design. However, that is not the case as the discovery of Archaeopteryx changed up the game with the proof of feathers on these ferocious little dinosaurs. Creative Beast Studio is here to change that, one figure at a time with their impressive Beasts of Mesozoic line of action figures. They have plenty of dinosaurs out, there but it's the Velociraptors that are easily the most popular and most iconic dinosaurs of all time.

Unlike other Raptor figures out there, Creative Beast Studios has given collectors beautifully sculpted creatures with historically verified characteristics. Our friends over at Creative Beast sent us a couple of their Raptors to check out with the Linheraptor exquisitus and the Eastern 2-pack with Microraptor g.and Mononykus o., so let's dive in. Right off the bat, these designs are truly incredible with more detail, colors, and feathery design than ever imagined on these beautiful creatures. Each Beast of Mesozoic figure features articulation, display bases, posing rods, and depending on the figure, some swappable parts. The Velociraptor known as Linheraptor exquisitus is packed with color that really makes this creature stand out from anything else you have seen. The articulation is kind of odd and wonky, which does get in the way, but once you get him standing and posed, he is breathtaking. He has moveable arms, legs, neck, jaw, tongue, bendable tail and will easily be a must have enemy for any figure.

As for the Eastern 2-pack- Microraptor g.and Mononykus o., these little guys are a little easier to mess with and just wild fun. Both are packed with roughy 7 articulated parts with detail, and the featuring sculpts just bring them to life. These little raptors are a deadly duo, and when posed up, they will be an incredible addition to any diorama or collection. Velociraptors are an icon to the dinosaur world, but Creative Beast Studios changing the layout to a more historically accurate version that only makes them better. These birds of prey just fit so well with other collectibles out there, and I definitely will need more to capture even more dynamic sequences. There are so many of these Velociraptors being offered right here, and be sure to check out some of the other dinosaurs Creative Beast Studio offer. These will be excellent figures for any dinosaur or toy fan out there this holiday season, so be sure to find what Velociraptor you prefer and bring it home today.

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