New Wave of DC Multiverse Figures Revealed by McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys dropped another bomb as they unveil its next DC Multiverse figure wave. They have been announcing quite a few figure's eyes lately, and this time we are looking at 2021. We have already seen previews of the Batman Dark Nights Heavy Metal bat cycle, and now its rider has arrived. That's right; Grim Reaper Batman is here as metal as ever with this figure. The new DC Comics arc is coming to life with this figure, and with his rideable batcycle nothing will stop him. The Dark Nights Metal line continues as the final member of the Batman Who Laughs cabal is here with The Drowned. This Aquaman/Batman nightmare is back as Bryce Wayne is ready the world into submission. Flying on in next is the next McFarlane Toys Superman figure with Red Son Superman. This fan-favorite character is finally getting a figure debut and features his twisted Russian costume that will have many Red Son fans drooling. This figure wave comes to an end with Damian Wayne as Robin. This design of Robin seems to be constructed after his comic book design with brighter colors, and a nice smirking face sculpt. This mold will have Robin fans wanting to add this figure to their growing bat cave.

This whole wave of DC Comics DC Multiverse McFarlane Toys figures is incredible. They are finishing up the Dark Night Metal line with the final member of the team, and she isn't messing around. Of course, this wave is very Batman related heavy, but at least we are getting a Red Sun Superman that can hopefully ease some of the pain of collectors. Each of these figures really just fits the McFarlane vibe perfectly with a more dark and unique design that not many companies are doing. That is my favorite part about the DC Multiverse line is that Todd McFarlane is diving deep with some great characters that no one has really done before. I'm sure we will start seeing more DC Comics characters later on, and I would like to see Godspeed, Power Suit Lex Luthor, Joker Red Hood, and maybe even some DCeased characters. McFarlane Toys has noted that these figures are set to release in January 2021, and pre-orders will go live in Winter 2020. Until then, fans can find some of the current DC Multiverse figures also coming soon from McFarlane here. Are you looking forward to getting your hands on this wave? What characters would you like to see next?

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