Pinocchio Takes It Easy With New Disney Statue From Beast Kingdom

The animated Disney classic Pinocchio is back as Beast Kingdom announces a new statue. Coming out of their D-Stage series, this Disney statue is Packed with amazing detail and powerful color. The Pinocchio statue stands roughly 6 inches in height and features 3-D modeling technology giving collectors an entire 360 model. Collectors will be treated to the wooden puppet and his conscious Jiminy Cricket in the design.  They are all displayed in Geppetto's workshop with the creator's pets Figaro the cat and Cleo the goldfish. Disney fans will get a real kick out of the statue, and it will be a great addition to your growing animation collection or at the office. Prices, release dates, and pre-orders are not known just yet, but most Beast Kingdom creations can be found located here. What classic Disney film do you want to see come to life next?

"The Disney's second ever animation, the 1940 classic "Pinocchio", the story of a wooden puppet brought to life by a magical blue fairy, after being carved by an old wood-carver named Geppetto! A warm hearted character who's only dream is to become a real boy! With his trusted friend, Jiminy Cricket beside him, he has to make sure he doesn't tell a lie, otherwise all manner of mishaps will happen with his growing nose! The D-Stage Pinocchio diorama showcases our hero staring into the stars, with all his friends by his side, a set that showcases childhood wonder!"

"Using 360-degree, detailed 3D modeling technology as well as including an immense amount of details with each title included as a logo on the base, scenes and characters are realized in incredibly fine details. Standing at 15cm in height, each diorama perfectly fits with the Beast Kingdom selection of D-Stage Disney collectibles. So make sure you add the entire set today to the ever growing roster of Disney characters and take home a little bit of classic magic today!"

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