Disney Villains Have Been Unleashed With Huge Wave of Funko Pops

Yoru favorite Disney Villians have been unleased as Funko debuts a new wave of Disney Pop Vinyls. The entire wave is dedicated to the evil, wicked, and big bads from the world of Disney from a huge selection of animated films. There is a total of 14 Pops getting released, with each of them being placed on a new unique dynamic display base. Pops are not the only collections that Funko is releasing for the Disney Villains collection, with new Pop Plushes and Mystery Minis also heading our way. The entire wave of Villains will consist of:

  • Captain Hook from Peter Pan
  • Maleficent with Diablo the Raven from Sleeping Beauty
    • Deluxe Maleficent on Throne (Diamond Collection) – Hot Topic Exclusive
    • Maleficent as a Dragon – 10" Version
    • Maleficent as a Dragon – 10" Version – Glow in the Dark Variant – Amazon Exclusive
  • The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    • Deluxe The Evil Queen on Throne
  • Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog
    • Dr. Facilier (Friends from the Other Side Version) – BoxLunch Exclusive
  • Hades with Chessboard from Hercules – Target Exclusive
  • Lady Tremaine with Lucifer from Cinderella
  • Cruella Daville from 101 Dalmatians
    • Cruella Daville with Hair Curlers – Funko Shop Exclusive
  • Deluxe Ursula on Throne from The Little Mermaid

Most of these designs are still awaiting licensor approval, so certain aspects of these designs could change in the future. However, most of these Disney Villains Pops are already available for pre-order at a variety of online retailers like here and here. The BoxLunch exclusive Dr. Facilicer (Friends of the Other Side) Pop is my favorite of the releases as those colors are amazing. The 10" Maleficent Dragons will be a great treat for Sleeping Beauty fans and will look great when displayed next to other Maleficent Pops. Some of the retailer exclusives are popping in and out, so be sure to check out their stores to try to lock one in for your collection or be on the lookout for in-store releases in September 2021.

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