Lilo and Stitch Are Back With New Pop Vinyls From Funko

The hit Disney animated film Lilo & Stitch is in the talks with a possibly live-action remake. As cool as that sounds, sometimes you just have to keep the classics, and Funko knows. Lilo & Stitch is just one of the iconic Disney films that will be getting their own wave of Pop vinyl as they announce during their Funko Fair Disney day. There will be 11 new Pop Vinyl getting released for both Lilo and Stitch with 1 10", 4 exclusives, and one Chase variant. Each of these designs features newly updated molds that will please any fans of this animated series, and they can look forward to seeing:

  • Stitch in Rocket Pop Ride
  • Stitch 10 Inch
  • Lilo with Pudge Buddy
  • Stitch with Ukulele
  • Lilo with Scrump
  • Smiling Seated Stitch
  • Smiling Seated Stitch – Flocked – Target Exclusive
  • Sleeping Stitch – Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Movie Monster Stitch – FYE Exclusive
  • Stitch with Record Player – Funko Shop Exclusive
  • Stitch with Record Player – Open Mouth Chase – Funko Shop Exclusive

Most of this Funko Pop wave is dedicated to Stitch, but my favorite Pops are honestly the 2 upcoming Lilo's. Both are very well done sculpts and bring the character to life right off the screen and will go perfect with any Stitch Pop out there. On top of the Pop reveals, Funko did also unveil that Lilo & Stitch will be getting their own wave of Mystery Minis. There will be 12 minis in total that bring most of the characters from the film to life, like Nani, Pleakley, Jumba, Captain Gantu, David, and even an adorable Pudge. I would have loved to have seen a Cobra Bubbles as a Pop or even as a Mystery Mini figure in this wave. Either way, the Lilo & Stitch wave of Pop is amazing and is packed with fun new Stitch poses the can please many fans of the 2002 film. Pre-orders for all of the commons are already live and can be found located here. Pre-Orders for some of the retailer exclusives are starting to pop up as well, so make sure you check to get yours.

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