Bakugan Returns a Funko Debuts New Pops at Funko Fair

Bakugan is back as Funko unveils the first wave of Pop Vinyls for the hit animated series at Funko Fair 2021. The anime premiered in 2007, and it followed a group of friends Dan, Bruno, Marucho, Julie, Shun, and Alice. Their stories connect as some extraordinary playing cards fall from the sky, and these friends pick the up becoming Bakugan Battle Brawlers. They battle the forces of evil in New Vestroia with the help of the Bakugan, each with their own specific partner art their side. Funko is bringing both humans and monsters to life in glorious Pop form. Seven Pops have been unveiled, with one of them being a special retailer exclusive 2-pack.

Most of the main cast is back once again, with the mighty Dan and Drago up first. We are then getting the gorgeous Storm Skyress with Shun, who will also be followed by Runo and her Tigrerra. Target will also get an exclusive 2-pack featuring Ajit and Pharol from the most recent animated cartoon Bakugan: Armored Alliance. All of these Pops are only concept pieces, so some possible changes could be made when they finally hit shelves in April 2021. Bakugan is a great series that had a fun story, and it even created a fun card game that was quite popular for some time. Each of these Pop designs is very well done, and it captures the humans and the monster perfectly and will be excellent collectibles for fans.

Each of these new Bakugan Funko Pops is set to release in April 2021, but that could change due to license approval. I would love to see more 2-pack sets in the future, uniting the Battle Brawlers together in one amazing set. I am also glad that Funko is also releasing the newest Brawler from Bakugan: Armored Alliance, giving new fans a fun collectible as well. All of these Pops and more from Funko Fair 2021 are already up for pre-order, which can be found located here.

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