Funko Announces Pop! People Will Be Getting An Online Release

Funko FUN TV showed off a great set of reveals during the broadcast, which shows us new Pops for Rock & Roll, Soda, Godzilla vs. Kong, and more. However, the biggest news that was revealed was a single sentence said by Brian Mariotti. The Owner of Funko announced that their recent Customized Vinyl Service Pop! People will be getting an online release in 2021! Pop! People is a fairly new series that just started in December 2020, that was exclusive to both Funko Headquarters and Hollywood Stores. The series is designed to allow collectors and fans to build a Pop Vinyl of themselves with various parts and even include a custom box. From beards, dress, glasses to special unique accessories, this custom design factory will surely be a hit and possibly put an end to custom Pop sellers.

Mike Becker debuted his very own Pop! People design during the Funko FUN TV broadcast as well. Expanding this service to the world is an excellent idea and a must-have feature for these troubled times. Funko Headquarters always had the Build Your Own Pop and Monster services for years, but with the growing popularity of Funko need to expand the release. The Pop People are $25 per pop, and we can imagine it will be something similar, but if it costs more outside of the shop, that is complete understanding. These will be must-have collectibles for any Funko Funatic fan, and we can not wait to see what the entire process is like. Funko will continue over the next couple of days for Funko Fair, and pre-orders for each reveal will be found located here. Fans can watch the entire FUN TV broadcast here to also get a look at some of the upcoming Pop reveals.

Introducing Pop! People – Make your own Custom Pop! Starting December 11, 2020, you will be able to visit the Pop! Factories, exclusively at the Funko Headquarters and Funko Hollywood Stores, to build your own Pop! People! With Pop! People, you can create Pop!-stylized figures of yourselves, family and friends! You'll be able to choose from thousands of unique combinations of hair, apparel, accessories, and more to create a custom Pop! Whether you wear glasses, are rocking pink hair, growing a beard, or looking for the perfect holiday gift, there is a Pop! for everyone!

Pop! People is $25 per figure, and includes all parts needed to create the Pop!, two hand-held accessories, and a personalized box. The stores will have kiosks that display the pieces, and customers will fill out order forms to make their piece selections. They will then bring their completed order form to the Pop! Factory counter and process the order. As soon as the "builder" is done popping the pieces together, the customer will be contacted to pick up their completed Pop! in a customized box!

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