Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe – Doctor Strange (2016)

The Sorcerer Supreme has arrived as we finally hit the 2016 Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is our next stop in our Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe coverage, where we check out all of the Funko Pops offered for each of the MCU films. The Doctor Strange Pop wave is pretty small, with a total of 8 vinyls in the entire wave. Four of them are set as common releases, while the other four are set as retailer and convention exclusives. Let's not wait any longer and jump right into the realm of magic with our next Funko MCU deep dive.

Just like most of the MCU pops, the packaging captures the Marvel Studios logo, and for the Doctor Strange Pops, there are some magical glyphs and designs on the box. We are going to first start with the common Pops that were released in this wave with Doctor Strange, The Ancient One, Karl Mordo, and Kaecilus. My favorite from the common wave is Kaecilus as he is beautifully designed, and they captured that evil look on his face perfectly. The shiny glitter around his eyes and the scarring on his forehead really make this Pop stand out, and it is odd why he isn't valued quite high. The other Funko Pop characters each feature their outfits from Doctor Strange and are all necessary pieces to the growing Funko MCU collection.

As for the exclusive, there are four, and they all are, of course the man himself, Doctor Strange. First, we have the Walmart exclusive that features the doctor without his cape showing him still in training at Kamar-Taj. We then get the San Diego Comic Con 2016 exclusive that features a spellbound Doctor Strange. This Pop is the rarest of the entire set, coming in at roughly $40. The last two Doctor Strange Funko Pops are pretty unique as it showcases Stephen Strange in his astral-projection form. This interesting gold glittery mold shows off the doctor in two different poses, with the first one was a Target exclusive. This astral projection is the same mold as the common release Doctor Strange but features the new yellow glittery design. However, the next one was a Marvel Collector Corp. exclusive that shows off astral projection in a new levitating meditation pose. Doctor Strange's astral projection designs are very fun, and they really captured the essence of the magic with not only the design but the aesthetic that Funko gave us.

We like to end each Funko MCU coverage by talking about some of the other characters from the film that we think deserve the Pop treatment next. Funko has been going in the past and adding new Pops to older series as we saw with the Iron Man Stan Lee Cameo for SDCC 2020. When it comes to Doctor Strange, we would love to get the Night Nurse, Wong, Stan Lee Bus Cameo, Dormammu, Kaelcilus acolytes, and another Master of the Mystic Arts, Hamir. Each of these characters plays a great role in the film, and we would just love to see them in Pop form and add them to our collections. While most of these Funko Pops are vaulted, fans can start their own Marvel collection today and here. Stay tuned for some new upcoming Funko Pops from the MCU like WandaVision.

This post is part of a multi-part series: Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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