Funko MCU – Captain America: Civil War – Pops We Want to See

Both Team Iron Man and the Team Captain America Funko Pops were stacked with great Pop designs from Captain America: Civil War. Of the 20 Funko Pops in the set, some stood out better than others; like Falcon, Unmasked Iron Man, and Agent 13. Some other heavy hitters in the line would include the cool variety of Crossbones designs and the introduction of Spider-Man into the Funko Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the massive amount of Funko Pops in this wave, we wanted to dedicate this section to some iconic characters from the Civil War that did not make the cut. These are the characters that we would like Funko to create if they decided to go back and revisit the film.

Kicking things off first would have to be the Stan Lee cameo from Captain America Civil War. FedEx delivery man Stan Lee is a must-have character, and with the creation of all of his cameos coming to life, I would not be surprised if we saw it in the future. Some other characters that did not happen to make the cut were Thunderbolt Ross, Vision, Baron Zemo, Everett Ross, and Ant-Man. We would also love to see a solo release of both Hawkeye and Spiderman; while the four-pack is a fun pack to own, it would be nice to have single releases of them. Funko could create a huge set of retailer exclusives that would show us unmasked versions of these heroes to bring them down to Earth. We could get unmasked versions of James Rhodes, Scott Lang, Sam Wilson, and even Peter Parker.

Funko loves to show off multiple designs in their later lines, as we will see in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame waves. It does not look like they're diving too much into the past to revisit some of these older Marvel films, but we can only hope. Funko does have its Amazon Exclusive Avengers: Infinity Saga End Credit mystery box coming soon. While this box is dedicated to end credit scenes, it does show that they are still developing Funko Pops from the MCU roster. The Infinity Saga spans over roughly 22 films that are packed with amazing characters that still have yet to get their Funko Pop debut. However, Disney+ shows like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier are giving Funko new ways to revisit these past characters. We hope we can see some in the near future, but until then, it is a waiting game to see what else is up Funko's sleeve. Fans can start to build their own Marvel collection here. What other MCU characters deserve Funko Pops next?

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