Funko MCU – Captain America: Civil War (2016) Team Iron Man

Things are about to get heated as we jump into the biggest conflict in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: Civil War. This is one of the bigger Funko Pop lines at the time, with a total of 20 Pops being released. The Marvel Studios film showcased Iron Man and Captain America going toe to toe after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Each hero follows their own side, and they call others to follow their fight, which then created a rift between the Avengers. To stay true to the movie, we decided to split up this Funko deep dive into two parts with Team Captain America and Team Iron Man. We will be taking a look at Team Iron in this segment, so let's dive into our newest Funko Pop Marvel Cinematic Universe throwback with Captain America: Civil War.

For Team Iron Man, things seemed almost stacked against him, but he did have some heavy hitters on his side. Funko did load out Iron Man's team with 9 Pops, and Tony starts us off first. Tony Stark did get two Funko Pops in the Captain America: Civil War Pop wave with one being masked and the other unmasked. Hot Topic did get the unmasked exclusive that shows Tony's face under the Iron Man armor faceplate. We then move onto Black Widow, who seems to walk on both sides but original joins with Iron Man. This marks the fourth Black Widow Funko Pop to be released, and this one shows off her new outfit and hair. Iron Man's number two, War Machine, also returns this time with his second Pop debut. He features an updated mold compared to his Iron Man 3 design and has an included weapon.

Things then start to get bigger in the Captain America: Civil War Funko Pop wave with not one but three Black Panther Pops. This marks the debut of Black Panther not only in the MCU but the Funko MCU. The first Black Panther Pop is common that features his new specialized live-action suit we see in the film. Walmart did get an exclusive version of this mold that adds glitter to the design, which is odd but shiny and cool to have. Lastly, we have the Walgreens exclusive unmasked Black Panther that reveals T'challa under the mask. Each Civil War Black Panther Pop is very well done and easily must-haves for any dedicated fan of the King.

We end Team Iron Man's Funko Pops from Captain America: Civil War with some special multi-packs. The first one was a Marvel Collector Corp 2-Pack exclusive that included both Iron Man and Captain America. Both have new molds and are posed in battle-ready stances as they duke it out at the airport. The battle continues with the next multipack as a special common 4-pack was released for the film. The pack includes two Pocket Pops for Cap and Iron Man, but it also gave us the Funko MCU debut of Spider-Man. Spider-Man with Cap's shield and Hawkeye were finally added to the lineup. This 4-pack is needed for fans who show off the whole battle in Pop form. Most of these Civil War Funko Pops are vaulted, so they will be hard to get your hands on, but you can enhance your Marvel Funko Pop collection starting here.

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