Funko Unleashes Venom With Let There Be Carnage Pop Vinyls

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has finally released its first teaser trailer, and fans can't wait to see more symbiote action on the big screen. The film will finally give us the long-awaited debut on the bloodthirsty symbiotic Carnage portrayed by the talented Woody Harrelson. After Natural Born Killers, we know Woody is up to the task but let's just hope the movie can stay afloat in its own non-MCU pocket universe. Funko is preparing fans for the September 24, 2021 Venom 2 release date by announcing three new Pop vinyl figures. This will mark the first time we are getting a live-action version of Tom Hardy's Venom in Funko Pop form. The wave consists of Venom, Carnage, and even Walmart Exclusive 10" Carnage.

Based on previous symbiotic Funko Pop releases, I hope we can see non suited up Pops featuring Eddie and Cletus. Or even half suited up version like my current favorite Pop of 2021, the Hot Topic exclusive Ruins of Ravencroft Carnage. These designs do feature more realistic symbiote sculpts, adding a more "goo" like designs similar to the CW Flash Bloodwork that is hitting stores now. Either way, these are two deadly Venom collectible start will be a hit amongst fans of the live-action film. I'm sure the film will not be that big of a hit, but if Sony can provide us just one MCU tease, then things could easily change for the film. Bringing Tom Hardy's Venom to take on Tom Hollands's Spider-Man would be incredible to see on screen but would not entirely comic book accurate. However, in a world with the Multiverse of Madness right around the corner, who knows what our favorite anti-hero will get involved into. Pre-orders for both Venom and Carnage Pops are already live and located here. The 10" Walmart Exclusive is also up for order right now, and fans can find him located here. Yummy!

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