Fufill Your Appetite With New Food Icon Pop Vinyls From Funko

Funko continues their Ad Iconic collection as they reveal a new assortment of upcoming food themed Pops. Some of them feature the mascots like we have seen in the past, while others feature the product design. Nine Pops have been revealed covering a wide variety of tasty treats starting with Fruity Pepple's cereal. Unlike previous Ad Icons, this design features an animated depiction of the food rather than a mascot like the Trix Rabbit. This design is quite popular in this wave of foodie Pops as we see it with Hot Tamales candy, Pringles can, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, the FunkoShop exclusive Lucky Charms cereal box, and the FunkoShop exclusive Grape Kool-Aid packet. These designs are pretty lackluster, if you ask me, as the mascots are rich in history, memorable, and loved, unlike the actual objects.

As fans can see above, that is not the only food Pops we are getting as Pops as some mascots did tag along. The Tapatío Hot Sauce Man comes to life, and he is ready to spice up your collection. The delicious Moon Pie man is also coming to life with his own box of Pies that can only be found exclusively at Walmart. Last but not least, we are getting one of the most unique of the Ad Icon food Pops is the White Castle Burger. This little guy comes in his own slider box as he comes to life right before fans' eyes and onto their shelves later this year. Only there of these Pops is set as exclusive, while the other six are found here and set to release in June 2021. What other food Pops do you want to see in the future? Are you a fan of the living products or the mascots?

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