Funko Announces New Marvel Event for FunkoShop Today

Funko has announced a special Marvel event for the FunkoShop today. Funko has seemingly been taking advantage of their new site with multiple releases instead of a solo drop like in years past. We have seen this with Funkoween drops, and their most recently revealed Black Light Event. This time, Funko fans will be getting three brand new Marvel Pops during today's drop. There will be two normal Pop Vinyls and one Mega-Sized 18" being released today, and they are:

  • Pop! Marvel: Unmasked Wolverine V2 – $15
  • Pop! Marvel: French Maid Deadpool – $15
  • Pop! Marvel: 18" Dancing Groot (Flocked- 1500pcs LE) – $120
Funko Announces New Marvel Event for FunkoShop Today
Credit: Funko

The biggest reveal of this release is yet another 18" Dancing Groot that is flocked and limited to only 1,500 pieces. For $120, fans can now experience the craziness of these Mega-sized Pop in limited Marvel form. As a completionist, it is very sad to see this 18" Groot be released, and sadly, I can not justify spending $120 on yet another Mega-Sized Marvel Pop as they are just far too big. Flocking a tree is also an odd choice for the lovable Guardians of the Galaxy member. I would have loved to see any new Marvel Cinematic Universe Pop or even another mold for the 18" Pop line like Galactus from the Fantastic Four comics. Wolverine and Deadpool are very well done Pops and are bringing something new to the table with new designs. Maid Deadpool will be a hilarious addition to fans of the Merc with the Mouth. The new unmasked Logan in his brown X-Men costume is another great choice and is something we don't often see from Funko. All of these Funko Pops is expected to release today at 2 PM EST here. Like most FunkoShop drops, these will be hot ticket items and will sell out quite fast, so make sure you are ready minutes before 2 to secure yours today.

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