Funko Gives Update on SDCC 2020 Virtual Con 3.0 Schedule

With San Diego Comic Con 2020 being canceled this year, fans are looking forward to @Home events. This week kicks off when SDCC would have taken place and companies are hosting their own events. Funko has shared their long awaited Virtual Con 3.0 schedule and give fans a rundown of events. The virtual con will take place over the whole week starting Monday, July 20th, and ends July 24th. From behind the scenes looks at Funko art to contests on Instagram this week will be packed with Funko Fun. The biggest thing fans want to know is the release of the San Diego Comic Con 2020 exclusive Funko Pop vinyls. Wednesday, July 22nd will start the launch of the exclusives. At 8 pm EST, all exclusives will go live on the Funko Shop. (We can only assume my this is where Black Lightning will go live). There will be a special unboxing of the exclusives with the one and only Sully between 4-5 pm. This will be the perfect opening and hype before figures go live.

For fans who want any exclusives from the Funko Shop, this is your chance. Any Pop fans buy will have a 50/50 chance of having an official SDCC 2020 sticker or a Shared Summer Convention one. Retailers will also be putting up their 2020 Shared Exclusives online that night and in-store Pops will be hitting Thursday, July 23rd. This is the moment fans have been waiting for so get your computers and phones charged because it's gonna be a mess. The recently updated has been quite the hassle for fans and with a massive drop like this, it'll only be worse. If fans want one of the shared exclusives they will have 2 more opportunities after the 8 pm event. You will find then exclusives will be going live here and for more info on the Virtual Con 3.0 collectors can go here for the full article in the Funko Blog. How many SDCC Pops are on your list this year??

Funko Gives Update on SDCC 2020 Virtual Con 3.0 Schedule

Everything That Happens for Funko Virtual Con 3.0


"Fans get a chance to see behind the scenes footage of the Funko art process via time-lapse video artist sketches and sculpts. These videos will be spread throughout the day between 9 AM to 9 PM."

  • 9 AM to 9 PM PDT Artist Sketch & Sculpt Videos


"We want to know how you prepare for SDCC, this year and past. Do you have a routine or is it a last-minute scramble? Is this your first time being able to participate in a convention? Tell us what brings you to Funko Virtual Con by posting to Instagram and Twitter. Tag @OriginalFunko and use #FunkoVirtualCon so we can learn more about your convention experiences. We'll be posting photos and videos gearing up for SDCC!"


"Teasers and photos will be posted leading up to the launch of the SDCC Exclusives, including a livestream with Sully. Join us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube! SDCC exclusives go on sale on at 5PM PDT. We've been working incredibly hard against the bots to make sure you, the fans, have access to our exclusives!"

  • 1 PM to 2 PM PDT Unboxing with Sully Livestream
  • 5 PM PDT SDCC Exclusives available at
Funko Gives Update on SDCC 2020 Virtual Con 3.0 Schedule
Credit: Funko


"Your hard work and cosplay costumes aren't wasted. Sure, you could hang them up in the closet for next year. Or you could post pictures, tagging @OriginalFunko along with #FunkoVirtualCon, to share with the community. Join us for another livestream unboxing with Sully! We'll be live on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube! Retailers begin sales of their respective SDCC Exclusives at 12:01 AM EST."

  • 12:01 AM EST Retailers go live with their SDCC Exclusives
  • 6 PM to 7 PM PDT Unboxing with Sully Livestream


"It's Funatic Day! We're posting Funko Fashion Friday pictures. We'd love to see what Funatics are wearing on this special day, or previous SDCC attire. Post your Funko Fashion pictures to social media and tag @OriginalFunko and use #FunkoFashionFriday. Tune in for a special video presentation from Mike Becker and Brian Mariotti! Will they reveal upcoming product lines? Make sure to watch to find out."

  • 10 AM to 10:45 AM PDT Mike Becker & Brian Mariotti FUN TV

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