Good Smile Shows Off Full Metal Alchemist Pop Up Parade Protos

Good Smile Company has announced that the hit anime series Full Metal Alchemist is getting new collectibles. Both Elric brothers will be heading to their Pop Up Parade statue gallery. These statues have been a great highlight of Good Smile Company lately as they are packed with detail and very reasonably priced. Good Smile Company has shown off prototypes of Edward and Alfonso statues. As far as we can see they are already very well detailed. They will seemingly be going an interesting direction with Edward Elric as they are showing him with his shirt off. This design seems to be more pointing towards the look of his metal arm which isn't a bad look. With this being prototype though they could add his classic red coat as well and only time will tell what they want to do there.

Alfonso in his suit of armor is big and bulky as he should be. Both brothers seem to be built to the correct proportions which is always a plus. He is posed in a battle position and is a very well detailed eve for his suit of armor. The colors will be what really defines him for if Good Smile Comp7any decides to go metallic with his suit to really bring him to life. I would imagine these Pop Up Parade statues will be sold separately rather than together but these two are made for each other. Good Smile still has some work to do but you will be able to find other Pop Up Parade statues here to get an idea of what is to come. Will you be picking up one or both Full Metal Alchemist statues?

"WonHobby Gallery 2020 Figure Announcement! Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood!"

  • POP UP PARADE Edward Elric
  • POP UP PARADE Alphonse Elric
  • (Prototypes)

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