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Darkstalkers Morrigan and Lilith Join Good Smile’s Pop Up Parade 
Good Smile Company is back with some brand new additions to their Pop Up Parade statue series The world of Darkstalkers, the popular Capcom fighting game, is coming to life with not one but two new seductive statues The succubus Morrigan Aensland and her "sister" Lilith are back and ready to add some lust to[...]
Good Smile Phones Home with E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Nendoroid
the Extra-Terrestrial with Good Smile Company Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film follows the story of a young boy named Elliott who ends up discovering an alien that has sadly been stranded on Earth He and his siblings befriend this gentle extraterrestrial, whom they have named E.T., on a quest to hide him and possibly[...]
Good Smile Unveils How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Nendoroid 
That is right; Good Smile Company is bringing the world of the hit Dreamworks animated film How to Train Your Dragon to life The legendary Night Fury is ready for a new adventure with a sweet new Nendoroid release that stands at only 3.34" tall How to Train Your Dragon fans will be able to[...]
Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Eivor Joins Good Smile’s figma Line
It is time for some Viking Power as Good Smile Company has unveiled their latest figma release Eivor from the hit Ubisoft video game Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, is back with a brand new figure Taking place in the age of Vikings, during the 9th century, this hero fought for his land and clan Oddly enough,[...]
Good Smile Reveals Sonic The Hedgehog Nendoroid Knuckles Figure
While fans wait to see what adventure awaits them in that film, Good Smile Company is bringing Knuckles to life for their Nendoroid Sonic the Hedgehog collection Fans will be able to customize him with a variety of expressions with three different eye parts and three mouthparts parts A Chaos Emerald is also included, along[...]
Let’s A Go! A Super Mario Bros. Nendoroid Reissue Arrives from GSC
Good Smile Company is jumping in on the Mario action as they announce a reissue of their hot Nendoroid figures Mario and Luigi are back with each brother featuring impressive detail, color, and accessories Good Smile has given both plumbers swappable expressions, dashing and jumping effects, as well as a base with articulated elements for[...]
1000Toys Reveals New Child’s Play 2 Chucky Nendoroid Figure 
Get ready for some Child's Play as Good Smile Company and 1000Toys are dropping a horrifying new Nendoroid figure Chucky is back and is ready to slice and dice with a new collectible figure inspired by his appearances in Child's Play 2 The killer doll comes in at roughly 4″ tall and will feature a[...]
Good Smile Company Debuts Two God of War Ragnarok Statues
Return to Midgard with Good Smile Company as they debut their newest Pop Up Parade statues Coming o life from the hit PlayStation Exclusive game God of War Ragnarok comes to Kratos and Atreus Coming in at 7" tall, this father and son are ready to stop the end of the world once more Good[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts 2000 A.D. Gaze Into The Fist of Judge Dredd Set 
It is time to head out and explore and tame the Forbidden West with Good Smile Company once again The PlayStation exclusive video game Horizon Forbidden West is coming to life with a brand new Moderoid Model Kit The powerful and deadly Thunderjaw has arrived and in remarkable detail with this impressive model kit This[...]
Hiya Toys Debuts 2000 A.D. Gaze Into The Fist of Judge Dredd Set 
Sonic the Hedgehog fans are in for a real treat as Tails is getting his very own figure from Good Smile Company Releasing as part of their Nendoroid line, the legendary sidekick is ready for his own adventure Tails will be coming at roughly 4 inches tall and are packed with detail and plenty of[...]
Return to Dead Space with Good Smile Company’s Latest Pop Up Statue 
Good Smile Company is giving gamers an incredible statue as part of their Pop Up Parade line Coming in at roughly 5.9" tall, Issac Clark comes to life and is featured in his updated outfit, as seen in Dead Space (2023).  Tons of detail was poured into this Dead Space Issac Clarke Pop Up Parade statue,[...]
New Chainsaw Man Pop Up Parade Statue Arrives with Aki Hayakawa
Well, Good Smile Company is changing that up as they have unveiled a brand new statue for their Pop Up Parade statue series Fan favorite Devil Hunter Aki Hayakawa has arrived on the scene with an impressive sculpt The Pop Up Parade series is Good Smile Company's way to dish out remarkable statues for half[...]
Demon Slayer Upper Three Demon Akaza Arrives at Good Smile Company 
Good Smile Company is getting for the new season as well with a new Nendoroid release This deadly Upper Demon comes to life for the exhilarating feature film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train film Rengoku better watch out as the Upper Rank Three Demon of the Twelve Kizuki, Akaza has arrived.  Akaza[...]
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Sabito and Makomo Statues Hit GSC
It looks like Good Smile Company and Phat! are at it again with another impressive set of statues featuring fallen slayers in training, Sabito and Makomo These kids helped Tanjiro during his training, and it was heartbreaking to find that they fell during the ceremonial event Demon Slayer fans can honor the dead with these[...]
My Hero Academia Hawks Joins Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Line 
My Hero Academia fans can now bring Hawks home with Good Smile Company and their latest Nendoroid release Hawks will come with three different swappable face plates allowing fans to showcase determined, fighting, and smiling expressions On top of that, Good Smile has included his signature Feather Blades and a SLASH! text plate.  The detail on[...]
Chainsaw Man's Himeno and Kobeni Arrive at Good Smile Company 
Good Smile Company has slowly sure been dropping some Chainsaw Man collectibles for their Pop Up Parade series Two more members of the Tokyo Special Division 4 team arrive with Kobeni and Himeno Each of these deadly ladies is an asset to the team and is beautifully brought to life Depicted in their suits, both[...]
My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Returns to Good Smile Company 
One of which is Himiko Toga, who has found a new purpose in life, and Good Smile Company is bringing her Nendoroid form back once again That is right, a My Hero Academia re-release has arrived, and Himiko Toga is ready to strike This deadly villain has the Quirk that allows her to consume blood[...]
New Chainsaw Man Nendoroid Dolls Slice and Dice with Good Smile 
Good Smile Company is back with another set of fantastic collectibles for the hit anime series Chainsaw Man The devil and the fiend Denji and Power are back and this time, they are joining Good Smile's adorable Nendoroid doll series Coming in at roughly 5.5 inches tall, Denji and Power are getting new, updated, doll-like[...]
The Krang Has Arrived at the Latest TMNT Release from Good Smile
Good Smile Company is entering the sewers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for their popaurl Nendoroid line So far we have seen the whole crew arrive with Nendoroid versions of Leonardo, Donatello,  Michelangelo, and Raphael Each of the truffles comes with three different face plates, two slices of pizza, a articulated display base, and[...]
Come on Down to Sesame Street with New Good Smile Nendoroid Figures 
Good Smile Company tells collectors how to get to Sesame Street with their newest set of reveals Releasing as part of their popular Nendoroid line, two iconic Sesame Street characters have arrived with Elmo and the Cookie Monster Each character is packed with detail, color, and plenty of love, making them fun collectibles for any[...]
More TMNT Turtle Power Comes to Good Smile with Mikey and Donny 
Complete your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection as Good Smile Company finishes the set It was not long ago that fans saw Leonardo and Raphael join the Nendoroid line featuring their cartoon designs It looks like the whole team can be together now, as Michelangelo and Donatello have arrived and are ready for action Just[...]
Demon’s Souls Maiden in Black Levels You Up with Good Smile Company
Good Smile Company is back with another incredible figure from the hit PlayStation video game Demon's Souls This hit game even received a recent remastered release for the PS5, brining back the love that fans once had for it Good Smile dives into the depths and horror of the dark once again as they debuted[...]
Good Smile Company Debuts Cuphead and Mugman Nendoroid Figures
Good Smile Company is back with another fantastic video game, Nendoroid release with Cuphead Not only can the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman continues on your game system, but on Netflix and now on your shelf Two delightful Nendoroid figures are on the way from Good Smile Company that are packed with articulation and detail[...]
Bite Size Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arrive at Good Smile Company
At long lost, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have finally arrived at Good Smile Company Leonardo and Raphael have kicked off the turtle's new Nendoroid debut These versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are based on their classic cartoon appearances and are loaded with detail They come in at roughly 4" tall, are fully[...]
More Chainsaw Man Glory Has Arrived at Good Smile Company 
As popularity rises, more collectibles are starting to arrive, and Good Smile Company has been fantastic at bringing these devil hunters to life Max Factory and Good Smile have debuted new Chainsaw figures on the way with Power and Makima Makima will be getting a new PLAMAX kit through Max Factory, keeping her beauty and[...]
Street Fighter Chun-Li Wants to Fight with Good Smile Company 
Put your dukes up once again as the hit fighting video game Street Fighter is coming to Good Smile Company This marks the first time that Street Fighter has hit the Nendoroid series, but Street Fighter has had a small presence in their Pop Up Parade line Cammy and Chun-Li are both already in Pop[...]
Good Smile Company Unveils New Chainsaw Man figma with Power 
This petite Devil Hunter is a deadly hunter, and now Chainsaw Man fans can bring her home with Good Smile Company. Chainsaw Man's Kobeni Higashiyama Nendoroid figure will come with three face plates allowing fans to show her with normal, sobbing, and nervous expressions For accessories, she will come with a knife and a gun, which[...]
Good Smile Company Unveils New Chainsaw Man figma with Power 
Good Smile Company has done an incredible job bringing the show to life with their Nendoroid and figma Chainsaw Man figures It looks like another member has arrived in figma form as The Fiend herself, Power, makes her debut Power is a Blood Devil who can control her own blood and create some pretty impressive[...]