Great Scott! Hot Toys Finally Reveals Back to the Future 1/6th Scale

Hot Toys is finally making dreams come true as they officially announce their brand new 1/6h scale Back to the Future figure. This line has been showcased for years at Hot Toys showcase, but no one can ever guess the time frame unit they can hit shelves. Kicking it all off is Marty McFly and Einstein from the beginning of Back to the Future that features movie accurate detail and accessories. The figure will feature a brand new head sculpt, keeping the likeness of Michael J Fox alive. Other included pieces are a camcorder, backpack, skateboard, handout, cassette player, headphones, and of course Einstein.

Marty McFly is the perfect character to start this new Back to the Future 1/6th scale figure line, and I can only hope that the DeLorean used in some of these glam shots comes to life. Back to the Future is a very simple series, so all fans really need is Doc Brown, Marty, and the Delorean and this franchise could be at a standstill until some Part II designs are released. Hot Toys has not revealed a price point or release date just yet, but pre-order should arrive later today right here.

"Back to the Future – 1/6th scale Marty McFly and Einstein Collectible Set – "Wait a minute, Doc. Are you telling me you built a time machine…out of a DeLorean?" – Marty McFly. In the 1980s classic movie, Back to the Future, the lovable teenage Marty McFly is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a DeLorean time machine by his eccentric scientist friend Doc Brown. Travelling through time, Marty encounters young versions of his parents, and must race the clock to ensure they fall in love or he'll cease to exist."
"Inspired by Back to the Future, Hot Toys is excited to further expanding the time-traveling collection by introducing the 1/6th scale Marty McFly and Einstein collectible set available in selected markets only. The movie-accurate collectible figure is meticulously crafted based on the image of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in the movie, featuring a newly developed head sculpt with astonishing likeness, skillfully tailored outfit, a stunningly detailed accessories including a camcorder, portable audio cassette player with headset, a watch, a skateboard, a red backpack, a handout, and a display base! Furthermore, this collectible set specially features Einstein as a 1/6th scale collectible companion for our famous time travelers. Travel back to the memorable locales with the Marty McFly and Einstein collectible set!"

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