Hammer Horror Gorgon and The Mummy Arrive for 2021 Topps x Mego

Hammer Horror comes to life as Mego has revealed their newest exclusive figures hitting exclusively to Topps.com. We have already seen so many new Mego with a lot of Star Trek, superheroes, and now things get spooky just in time for Halloween. The iconic classics of Hammer Horror come to life once more as legendary versions of two movie monsters arrive featuring The Gorgon and The Mummy. The supernatural comes to life with two mamboing sculpts showing off Hammer's vision of these monsters with fabrics designs and gruesome head sculpts. The snake hair on the Gorgon is very well done, and the Mummy's burnt flesh true deadly and spooky addition. Both of these Hammer Horror Mego x Topps figures are priced at $19.99 each, will ship within 100 days and are only available for a couple more days right here.

"2021 Topps x Mego – The Gorgon – Hammer – "A Monster With the Power to Turn Living Screaming Flesh Into Stone!" Mego is thrilled to present Hammer Horror's The Gorgon in all her gruesome glory! The Gorgon slithers her way into the Megoverse for the first time ever in the Classic Mego style! "A venture into the deepest, starkest realms of the supernatural . . ." the villagers of Vandorf are literally becoming petrified with fear! When the moon is full the Gorgon leaves her lair in search of her next victim … anyone who looks upon her frightful gaze is savagely turned to stone for all of eternity!"

"2021 Topps x Mego – The Mummy – Hammer – "Torn from the tomb to terrify the world!" Mego proudly presents Hammer Horror's The Mummy! The sacred Scroll of Life has brought the terrifying Kharis back to life in the Classic Mego 8" style! Be warned … do not desecrate the tomb of Ananka or the fatal curse will fall upon you! The mummified high priest of Karnak, Kharis, will hunt down and destroy all those who desecrate the Princess's final resting place. "Fear Will Freeze You When You Face" … the Mummy!"

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