Hasbro Announces Star Wars: The Black Series HasLab Coming Soon

Hasbro has had some great success in the past with its HasLab campaign crowdfunding projects. For those unaware, Hasbro's HasLab campaign lets collectors fun special toys straight from Hasbro that would not necessarily do well if they hit retailer shelves. This could be because it is set for a certain target of collectors, and the size and prices of the collectible might not be for everyone. Three projects have debuted in the past and have completed, with Marvel Legends getting a massive X-Men Sentinel and Star Wars: The Vintage Collection getting two 3.75" scaled ships. The first one was Jabba's Sailing Barge, as seen in The Return of the Jedi, we also got the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian. Hasbro has revealed that the HasLab Star Wars fun is not over just yet as they shift gears and announce the first campaign for the 6" Star Wars: The Black Series figure line.

This is some big news for collectors, and we can only imagine what Hasbro has up its sleeves for the 6" crowdfunding campaign. They have already stated that the campaign is not for a Star Wars ship, so that gets rid of a lot of possibilities. This would then leave the door open for some pricey creatures or 6" version of playlets which I have some possible guesses. For playlets, the best ones that would work would be important events in the Star Wars landscapes, and I believe we are looking at an Original Trilogy scene as it has a bigger fanbase. The Mos Eisley Cantina would be my first guess as it also gives Hasbro the ability to make more of the Cantina Aliens. Another guess would be Jabba's Palace with a scalded version of the Rancor, which would be pretty big and worthy of a campaign like this. The full campaign reveal will come in a future Star Wars live stream event so start saving now if you want to participate as these collectibles are impossible to get after the release with scum and villains selling for triple retail on third party markets. What would you live to see Hasbro release for their upcoming HasLab The Black Series campaign?

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